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The skin that's found on your penis

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Q: What type of skin do guinea pigs have?
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Does guinea pigs bites heart?

most guinea pigs will not bite but if they do it may break the skin.

Do you take skin off pineapple for your guinea pigs?

usually guinea pigs will eat the meat and stop at the skin. same with watermelon

Do guinea pigs like other guinea pigs?

It depends what type but most guinea pigs are friendly with others.

Why do guinea pigs have calluses?

because people and animals have a rubbery skin type leather on our body.

Can guinea pigs eat mango skin?


Who gave the name 'guinea pigs' to guinea pigs?

Not sure, but guinea pigs aren't type of pigs. They're in the rodents family, and NOT pigs. Hope this helped?

Is it natural for a guinea pigs ear to be pure skin?

Yes,many guinea pigs don't have fur on their ears.

Can guinea pigs pass on their colds to other guinea pigs?

Usually it happens but there might be cold-resistant guinea pigs. It also depends on the type of guinea pig.

Why do guinea pigs hum?

It is not called humming, guinea pigs do that type of sound because they are breathing.

Can guinea pigs eat kiwifruit?

Yes. Guinea pigs have no trouble with eating kiwifruit. They can eat both the flesh and the skin, but they seem to prefer the skin. Of course, individual guinea-pigs have their own preferences, and some may not like kiwifruit.

Can guinea pigs eat mango?

Yes guinea pigs can eat mango, as long as you remove all skin and the stone in the middle.

Why do guina pigs lick you?

guinea pigs lick you to get salt from your skin if you don't like it buy your guinea pig a salt wheel

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