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absolutely none, zero, zilch, nothing ;)

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What type of soil does the arctic tundra have?

The arctic tundra has poor soil

What type of soil is found in the tundra?

If you were to compare it to Arctic soil...Usually in cold places.... soil have methane ,soil in cold places releases methane... or parafrost

What type of land near the Arctic Circle that its soil is permanently frozen?

That type of land (e.g., biome) is called the tundra. It typically has soil from the order Gelisol.

What is a type of land near the Arctic Circle with no trees and little vegetation and permanently frozen soil?


What is arctic soil like?


Is the soil in the arctic frozen?

The Arctic Tundra has a layer of frost called permafrost beneath the soil, The soil is very thin and only dwarf things can live in it.for example:shrubs lichens and mosses.also there is only one type of tree that lives threre it is called the dwarf willow tree. This will answer you question and more.

Is the soil type in the arctic silty?

Sandy to silty soils would likely be the most prevalent in the arctic, due to the glacial action which breaks down the rock into non-polar particles.

What is the name of arctic soil?

Im not shure if there is any soil in the artic

How does soil temperature influence Arctic soil?

it slows slows down soil formationIt has low temperature.

What is the definition of muskeg?

Muskeg is a soil type (also a peatland or wetland type called a bog) common in arctic and boreal areas. Muskeg is wet, acid, and relatively infertile.

Does the arctic have soil?

Yes it does, though it is of poor quality.

What is the type of soil in Punjab?

type of soil

What determines the soil type?

the size of the soil particles determines soil type.

What does the soil type CA mean?

"Soil type CA" sounds like it is an abbreviation for a soil type on a soil map. You will have to consult that soil map or the soil map's makers to find the answer to that question. If "soil type CA" did not come from a soil map, you will need to consult the source. There is no universally recognized soil type named "CA."

What type of soil is in the grasslands?

the type of soil is clay

Is gravel a type of soil?

Yes it is a type of soil.

What is the type of soil in Lahore?

which type of soil is there in lahore

What type of soil does a potter uses?

What is type of soil

What are some nonliving things in the Arctic?

soil, water, salt

What type of soil is good for a horse?

Hard soil is a good type of soil for a horse.

What is Raw soil?

A type of soil that is kind of purplish. A type of soil that is kind of purplish.

Is clay a type of soil?

yes....clay is a type of soil..

What type of soil does planet mercury have?

burnt soil type

Soil type in humid subtropical?

type of soil in subtropics

What is the soil type in the Yellowstone National Park?

the soil type