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IDK probably a college professor, but they probably need the most education too.

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Q: What type of teacher gets paid the most?
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What type of lawyer gets paid the most?

Criminal defence and corparate lawyers get paid the most.

What type of nurse earns the most money?

the nurse that gets paid the most is the LPN

Which type of lawyer gets paid the most money?

A patent Lawyer. Has to Do With The Government

What type of phycologist gets paid the most?

psychiatrist cuz they are mds and get to prescribe medicines

What is the type of doctor that gets the most money?

According to Forbes Magazine, the highest paid is orthopedic surgery. They average $464,500.

How much does a private swimming lesson teacher get paid?

Type your answer here... 2,000,000,000

Who gets paid to make decisions?

The type of people who get paid to make decisions are presidents, government leaders and judges. Someone else who gets paid to make decisions is a lawyer.

How much is a maths TEACHER paid in the UK?

Around £5000 to £6000 a year. It depends on what type of teacher you are,where you teach,when you teach and who you teach.

What type of person is made to be a teacher?

The type of person who is made to be a teacher would be someone who likes children and gets along with them, who enjoys helping children to learn, and who values knowledge.

What does sophist mean?

A sophist is a teacher that was paid to teach philosophy in Greek times. This type of teacher was often specious in reason and full of moral skepticism.

What type of bankruptcy can you file to not have to pay off your debt?

In ANY bankruptcy, whether or how much of your debt gets paid is dependent on what type it is, and more importantly, what your assets are. Your assets are used to pay your debts...have enough and 100% gets paid.

Which type psychologist gets paid the most?

Psychologists are classified Êin 3ÊmajorÊÊgroups: clinical, industrial-organizational, counselling and school psychologists. Generally,Êindustrial-organizational psychologists earn the most of the Êthree groups.Ê

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