What type of terrain do platypuses live in?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: What type of terrain do platypuses live in?
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What type of terrain does the hyena live?


Where do kangaroos and platypuses live?

Platypuses and kangaroos live in Australia

On what type of terrain do lions live?

They live in plains vast open grassland

Do platypuses live in freshwater or saltwater?

Platypuses can only live in fresh water.

Do platypuses live in Maine?

No. Platypuses do not live in Maine. They are endemic to eastern Australia.

What type of terrain do snow leopards eat?

Terrain is another word for landscape. It's what animals live in, not what they eat.

Where do platypuses live in Iowa?

Platypuses do not live in Iowa. Platypuses are native to Australia alone, and they are only found in the eastern states of the country.

How many platypuses live together?

Platypuses are solitary animals and generally live alone.

Do platypuses live together or apart?

Platypuses are solitary animals, tending to live alone.

Do Platypuses live in the sea?

No. Platypuses can only live near freshwater creeks and rivers.

Can platypuses live in Wisconsin?

No. Platypuses are uniquely adapted to live in the country and continent of Australia.

What type of terrain is in Kansas?

Rolling terrain is the type of terrain in Kansas.