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These are some events that happened:

Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand - 28th June, 1914

*Austria-Hungary sends an Ultimatum to Serbia (country of the members of the "Black Hand" who assassinated the Archduke); they agree to 3 out of the 4 terms, but Austria-Hungary wanted all 4 so they declare war.

Great Britain declares war on Germany - 4th Aug, 1914

Lord Kitchener calls for 100,000 men to join British army - 7th Aug,1914

First German aircraft shot down by allied plane - 5th Oct, 1914

Battle of Ypres - 15th Oct, 1914

Christmas Truce on the Western Front - 25th Dec, 1914, (Germans and British played football)

German gas attack at Ypres - 22nd April, 1915

Sinking of the Lusitania - 7th May, 1915

First Zeppelin raid on London - 31st May, 1915

Germans attack at Verdun - 21st Feb, 1916

Battle of Jutland - 31st May, 1916

Start of the Battle of the Somme - 1st July, 1916

First use of the tanks, in the Battle of the Somme - 15th Sept, 1916

*Canadians take Vimy Ridge, February 1917 (VERY important if you take Canadian History because no other army was able to capture the ridge, and the Canadians were considered the underdogs at the time that they captured the ridge).

United States declares war on Germany - 6th April, 1917

United States troops arrive in France - 25th June, 1917

King George V changes his name to Windsor - 17th July, 1917

British attack at Passchendaele - 12th Oct, 1917

Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany abdicates - 9th Nov, 1918

Armistice - 11th Nov, 1918

Paris Peace Conference - 12th Jan, 1919

Treaty of Versailles signed - 28th June, 1919.

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Q: What type of things happened in World War 1?
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