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The Corpus Callosum. You can go to Neuroscience for Kids to find answers like that.

*Actually, the Corpus Callosum is the structure, but the type of tract is commisural.

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Q: What type of tracts connects the two cerebral hemispheres?
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What type of white matter fiber tract connects the two cerebral hemispheres?


Which type of white matter fiber tract connects the two cerebral hemispheres?

corpus callosum, Also known as Commissures

Type of white matter fiber tract connects the two cerebral hemisphers?


Which type of fiber tract connects the right and left hemispheres?

What type of fiber tract of white matters connect the right and left hemisphere

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What type of fiber is the corpus callosum composed of?

The corpus callosum is composed of white mater which is axons of nerves. The Corpus Callosum communicated between or connects the 2 hemispheres of the cerebrum.

What differences are there between the normal cerebral cortex and the split-brain cerebral cortex?

A person with a "split brain" condition is lacking in all or part of the corpus callosum. This a neuron connection between the two hemispheres of the brain. A good example of this is an actual person whose life was portayed in "Rain Man". He had a type of autism.

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A 'cerebral hemorrhage' means bleeding within the brain.

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