What type of trees do softwoods come from?


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Trees with needles, like pine and balsam.

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Put simply, softwoods come from coniferous trees and hardwoods from trees with leaves (deciduous trees). However, there are a number of borderline cases ...

Pine trees are evergreen, coniferous softwoods.

coniferouse trees produce softwoods

Evergreen trees, like pine, cedar, fir and redwood.

Most of them are considered softwoods

Softwoods are from needle-leaf trees like pines and firs. Hardwoods are from broadleaf trees.

Yew is a softwood. The Yew is a conifer, and softwoods come from coniferous trees, while hardwoods come primarily from deciduous trees.

Conifers, like pine, fir and spruce, are considered "softwoods".

because they are made from trees with needles such as ever greens and pines

The general rule is;all needleleaf trees are softwoods while all broadleaf trees are hardwoods.For example,all pines(conifers) are softwoods and trees like Beech,Elm,Oak etc are hardwoods.

Actually Balsa wood is a hardwood believe it or not, softwoods come from needle bearing trees, such as Pine, Fir, Douglas Fir, Spruce, Hemlock, etc. balsa, cottonwood,

Spruce trees are softwoods and maple trees are hardwoods

Softwoods are coniferous/evergreen trees such as pine, spruce, etc. Deciduous trees are then known as hardwoodsIf the tree is evergreen.

Gymnosperm trees such as the conifers are softwoods. Those are your pines, cedars, larches, spruces, cypress, ginkgo and other trees that don't produce flowers. The term has little meaning relative to the hardness of the wood since some hardwood trees have wood that is softer than the wood of some softwoods.

Trees such as Oak, Maple, Mahogany, and Willow are hardwoods. Note that pine trees are NOT hardwoods but softwoods.

Softwoods are most used for paper as the fibres suit the purpose. These include pine spruce etc.

Oak trees are hard woods and mostly deciduous. Pine trees are conifers and are evergreen softwoods.

Softwoods such as Spruce, Pine etc.

Hardwoods come from loads of countries like Japan New Zealand and Europe but softwoods come from almost any country but the most common is Canada.

Wood is classified as either softwood or hardwood.The evergreen trees, such as pine, are called softwoods. The hardwoods are the deciduous trees, the ones that lose their leaves in the winter.In spite of their names, not all softwoods are soft and not all hardwoods are hard!

Usually softwoods as they have more branches and lumps on the trunk.

All conifers are softwoods.

Softwoods can be coloured by staining.

The type of tree and seed makes it hardwood or softwood. - In very general terms , most trees that have protected seeds (like an acorn) are hardwoods. Trees that drop unprotected seeds on the ground, like conifers, are softwoods.

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