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No warranty is included, although you can purchase one.

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Q: What type of warranty is included with this refurbished notebook?
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Do refurbished laptops come with any type of warranty?

Usually refurbished laptops do not come with any type of warranty. If you are buying one from a large company such as Best Buy or Office Depot, you may be able to negotiate a small one, but don't be expecting anything too great.

What type of warranty do you offer on your refurbished computers?

Best Buy offers one- and two-year technical support packages for all refurbished units. Individual manufacturer's warranties vary by brand and model.

What type of warranty if any do Lamy Pens carry?

Lamy pens carry a lifetime warranty providing the damage to the pen is not caused by abuse of misuse. A handling fee of $9.50 is payable to get the pen refurbished or repaired.

What does Limited warranty mean?

A warranty with certain conditions and limitations on the parts covered, type of damage covered, and/or time period for which the agreement is good. It usually refers to just the item specified and not the extras or accessories included.

An HP Pavilion dv9000 notebook PC is an example of which type of notebook?

Mobile Desktop

What type of manual is important to have before you you disassemble a notebook?

The service manual for the notebook model

What are some of the games that are included in Type to Learn 3 by Smart Kids Software?

There are a number of games that are included within the Type to Learn 3 Smart Kinds Software. Such games include: Typeline, Windshield Typers, Warp Speed, Dictation Station, Key Figures, and Notebook.

You want to get the picture of laptop and notebook?

If you want to get a picture of a laptop and notebook, go to and click images. Then type "laptop and notebook."

Which type of hard drive is most likely found in a notebook computer?

You will see a magnetic hard disk drive in an average laptop/notebook computer, however there are an increase in solid state drives included in newer laptops/notebook computers and there are manufacturers that manufacture solid state drives specifically for laptops that one can install as an upgrade.

What type of monitor does a notebook use?


What You Should Know About a Notebook Battery?

The notebook battery is an important feature to consider when buying a new notebook. The type of notebook battery included by the manufacturer determines the laptop's battery life. Most notebooks come with a 6-cell battery, but a few notebooks come with a 9-cell battery. The higher the number of cells, the longer the notebook can function on its battery. Many laptop manufacturers allow you to upgrade to a higher-quality battery for an additional cost when buying a new laptop.

is there any type of warranty offered on the items that are listed ?

is there any type of warranty offered on the items sold on this site?

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