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I imagine that most white, American women prefer circumcised dicks because most white boys are circumcised, and since most white women date white men, that's all they've ever been exposed to and profess their preference in a "cut" cock. However, this is sheer ignorance because what most white, American women know is that much of the world men are uncircumcised and the the women of other countries prefer uncircumcised dicks because that's all they really know. Nevertheless, a reason white women in America believe circumized is better is because they have this immature notion that a "uncut" dick is gross. Furthermore, they actually believe absurdly that an uncut males are dirtier or are more prone to give the girl a disease which is ludicrous because it simply doesn't stand up to scrutiny. What do uncircumcized men NOT HAVE ACCESS TO WARM WATER AND SOAP? do they not shower daily? Thus, this hygine question is simply laughable. And lastly, circumcision is tantamount to mutalition or female circumcizion. Would you cut off the clitorous? of course not! why? because it's an organ. As is the foreskin. The foreskin is an organ. The American Medical Assocation doesn't even recomment circumcizion any more because the only purpsoe is cosmetic and that's it. In addition, medical or other insurance doesn't cover the cost of circumcision for a reason. It isn't necessary. But of course American women don't care about this facts. Most American men of Mexican or Latino decent and to a lesser extent African-American men are uncircumcized and a majority of white men are circumcized. But like I mentioned at the outset the VAST majority of the world's men are uncut. As am I, A Mexican-American 25 year old man.

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2011-09-13 15:05:08
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Q: What type of women like circumcized or uncircumcized men?
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