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He's currently working on a new album!


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Internet type in (pics of Michael Jackson's family)trust me it wil work!

Michael Jackson is dead, he won't be doing anything with it. The people who own it now also won't be doing anything with it, it needs too much repair work done so it's not safe for people to be there.

Usually any dress shoes work, but if you want some you can check a Michael Jackson shop, they are everywhere!

According to his death certificate filled out by his sister, LaToya, Michael Jackson worked for 45 years.

I liked Michael Jackson because he loved kids and not in any sick short way and I admire the Michael Jackson ,because he was a great dancer and he will dowing heard work in his life..!

No they never worked together.

According to Michael it was watching the masters at work. "The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work".

Well actually yeah he did he did charity work he was a good loving person R.I.P Michael

"this is it" is the latest work of the king of pop

Motown, Epic Records and Sony.

According to him, watching the masters at work.

In reality, Michael Jackson never overcame his problems. He tried covering them up with things like wealth and drugs, but it did not work for him.

yes he wanted to work with her after the this is it tour.

It was a benefit for African famine relief, Michael was always involved with charity work.

Because millions thought he was important for his work.

You can't. Only Michael Jackson can dance like Michael Jackson. You can do it by a gift from God, a passion for what you do, and through much dedicated practice. Still, the world already had a Micheal Jackson. You need to be yourself and work through your own talents and abilities. Who knows what you can become.

He saved many children through his undeniably incredible humanitarian work. Maybe you didn't hear a lot about this, since he wasn't doing it for the positive publicity.

Joseph Jackson and Katherine Jackson, Katherine doesn't work and Joe has a record label.

Michael Jackson no it is dance. the code is dance. but if you don't have a tall enough tree of wisdom the code won't work.

Well now he is doing shoes

Yes he did, he was hoping to work with her at some point.

Moonwalk, work with children, perform and unite with his brothers.

some times only to his family and work friends

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