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It is a Microsoft spreadsheet program.

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Q: What type program is excel?
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What type of interface program is Excel?

It is a graphical user interface.

What type of file you create with Microsoft Office Excel 2007 is called a database?

MS Excel is a spreadsheet program that creates files called workbooks.

What is some of the programs Excel?

Excel is a spreadsheet program.

What is Microsoft Word Excel?

There is no program called word excel. Microsoft Word is a word processor. Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program.

what is the like excel type program you mentioned one morning sounded something like PREZI.COM?

Please check out openoffice at Open Office Calc is a spreadsheet program very similar to Excel.

What is a Microsoft Excel program?

it is a program where you can create tables, math formulas and other things like graphs etcMicrosoft Excel is a spreadsheet program.

What was the first name given to Excel program?

It has always been called Excel. Microsoft had an earlier spreadsheet program called Multiplan, but this was not an earlier version of Excel.

What is the use of macros in Excel?

The use of Macros in Excel is that Macros is a set of instructions that are stored in the Excel program software. These instructions tell the program how to work properly.

Where is the Excel located on the computer?

Program - MS Office - MS Excel

What is the file excel?

Excel is not a file, but a computer program that makes spreadsheets.

When you start the Excel program a new what displays?

Excel work book.

What is MS Office Excel as a software program?

It is a spreadsheet program.

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