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what the names of different types of crabs?

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Q: What types of crabs are there?
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Types of crabs?

types of crabs === ===

What are some types of crabs?

Some types of crabs I know of are fiddler crabs, hermit crabs and horseshoe crabs.

How many types of crab are there?

There are 5000 types of crabs but only 4500 of them are real crabs

What types of crabs eat Algae?

hermit crabs

What types of crabs are found in Queensland?

mud crabs, sand crabs, ghost crabs, blue swimmer.

Do crabs eat clams?

Yes, some types of crabs eat clams.

Are hermit crabs sea animals?

Well it depends there are different types of crabs,I own 4 land hermit crabs.

What color are uncooked crabs?

Most types of crabs are grey or blue, prior to cooking.

Can crabs walk forwards?

Crabs are widely known for their sideways manner of walking. However, there are types of crabs that can walk forwards or backwards.

What are the different types of crabs?

There are 34 different types of crabs. Some of these types are the umbrella crab, moss crab, widehand hermit, butterfly, sharpnose, blue, and snow crab.

Can crabs live in fresh water?

Yes, there are many types of crabs that live in fresh water.

Types of crustaceans?

Crabs, lobsters, and shrimp.

Types of crabs in the gulf of Mexico?


What types of environments do crabs live in?

Crabs live in aquatic habitats ,specifically near sea shores .

Types of marine crustaceans?

Lobster crabs and stuff

What types of hermit crabs are there?

lots of them are out there find them on the internet

What eats crabs and jellyfish?

Squid of various types.

What are the four types of arthopods?

Four types of arthropods are roaches, spiders, crabs,and ticks.

Do crabs live in rocks?

Some types of crabs will make small caves or holes in rocks their homes from predators

What are the 4 types of invertabres?

Worms, insects, crabs, squid

Can Caribbean hermit crabs live in all types of sand?


What types of crabs are edible?

All crabs are edible, but not all of them taste good and many do not have much meat. Some of the more common edible crabs in the U.S. include dungeness, blue, king, snow, and jonah crabs.

Do hermit crabs live underwater?

Some do, they are the marine hermit crabs and some live in land as land hermit crabs. In all their are about 800 types of hermit crabs and very few of those species live on land.

Who is the hermit crabs predator?

Seagulls, Some types of Tuna, rats.

What types of arthropods are there?

Millipedes, shrimp, and crabs are some examples of arthropods.