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What types of dances are in French Guiana?

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The dances vary based on region, but many are set to a rhythmic drumming beat or woodwind instruments.

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What is the types of terrain of french Guiana?

The types of terrain in French Guiana is low-lying coastal plains, hills, and small mountains.

What is the Culture in French Guiana?

There is the food, dances, music, traditions, clothing, and more :D

What types of foods do they eat in French Guiana?

People in french Guiana eat usally fish or meat around 2:oo pm.

Do people in French Guiana speak French?

Yes in French Guiana they speak French and French Guiana Creole.

Who colonized French Guiana?

France colonized French Guiana. That's why it's called "French" Guiana.

How do you spell French Guiana?

French Guiana. You spelled it right.

When was French Guiana created?

French Guiana was created in 1946.

Who owns French Guiana?

French Guiana is a French territory. It is called "la Guyane" in French.

What is the population of French Guiana?

Current population of French Guiana is at: 203,321

What currencies has French Guiana used?

what currency used in french guiana

Where in South America is French spoken?

French is spoken in French Guiana.

What percentage of people in French Guiana speak French?

78.6% of the people in French Guiana speak French...

Why is French Guiana called French Guiana?

It is called French Guiana because it is part of France. They bought this land and made it part of their economy.

How do you say hello in French Guiana?

French is spoken in French Guiana, so "hello" is "bonjour".

Motto of French Guiana?

AS far as i know French Guiana has no official motto

French Guiana is part of what European country?

French Guiana is part of France.

What is the square mile of French Guiana?

French Guiana - 32,252.7 sq miles.

When did French Guiana become a country?

French Guiana is a French departement, then part of France. This is not an independent country.

Who owns the Falkland who owns French Guiana?

Britain owns the falklands. The french own french guiana!

Is French Guiana a Spanish speaking country?

French Guiana is part of France, and the official language is French.

What money do they use in French Guiana?

French Guiana is part of the French territory, and uses the euro as their currency.

Types of foods they eat in the country French Guiana?

The people of French Guiana eat an array of food, but mostly seafood. Rice, beans and game meat are also a favorite food among natives.

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