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spices and herbs

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What is the favorite food of Argentina?

The favorite food of Argentina is Puchero. Which is a meat and vegetable stew. The favorite food of Argentina is Puchero. Which is a meat and vegetable stew. Asado!

What types of transportation do they have in Argentina?

In Argentina some of the ways of transportation are - railways and waterways.

What types of clothes do girls wear in Argentina?

Girls from Argentina wear cloths from Saskatchewan.

What is Argentina best food to eat?

Mexican food

What types of energy is used in Argentina?


Common foods in Argentina?

common food in Argentina is Beef steak ,and chocolet

What kinds of food do people from Argentina eat?

People from Argentina like to eat a variety of food. The people of Argentina eat empanadas, pizza, pasta, beef and chicken. Argentina is the largest consumer of fresh fruit in the world.

What is the main food in Argentina?


What food is Argentina famous for?


What types of government does Argentina have?

Argentina operates under a republic government that's technically all you had to say

What type of food do people eat for dinner in Argentina?

Beef is extremely popular in Argentina. Empanadas are a staple dish as well. Argentina people also eat quite a bit of Italian food.

Types of people who live in Argentina?

all sowts

What types of landforms are found in Argentina?

cool ones

What is the typical food in Argentina?

Beef and lots of grilled food and sausage

What food do Argentina eat?

pork pies

Is there a traditional food that they eat in Argentina?


What are the most important resources in Argentina?


What are the major food product that Argentina have?


What do people have for dinner in Argentina?

Food! DA

Where can one find a vampire bat?

There are only three types of these species and they are native in Mexico, Chile, Brazil as well as Argentina. Their only source for food is blood and consume that of mammals and some types actually have preferences as to birds and such.

Can you name some types of names of jobs from Argentina?

hte main types of jobs are farming

What are the types of food menu?

types of food menu?"

What are types of plants that live in the African grasslands?

pampas and Argentina

What types of food do the people in Argentina eat?

'We eat meat, patatoes and basicly more meat. A lot of our food is meat. but some people eat TOO much meat and get sick like my uncle. James Cameron

What food traditionally grows in Argentina?

The main agricultural products in Argentina are maize, soybeans, and wheat. The most common fruit grown in Argentina is grapes.

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