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There are many forms of homeschooling . . . Unschooling, The Charlotte Mason Method, Classical, A Thomas Jefferson Education, Relaxed and School at Home are just some of them. There are four general types of homeschooling to choose from: internet courses that teach your child Computer software that you install DVD or video tape programs that your child watches on tv The text book way: you teach your child from a teachers book

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Q: What types of homeschooling are there to choose from?
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What are your homeschooling options for children?

There are many diffrent options such as unschooling, virtual homeschooling, and triditional homeschooling. Unschool is where you create the curiculim and diside what to teach. Virtual homeschooling is the easiest out of all homeschooling in my opinion because you have profesional teachers and the school sends you all the supplies you need (some even send a computer). You may want to look for the best schooling options for you but if you choose virtual homeschooling you may want to try Connections Academy or if you want a virtual private school try WilloStar (or Connections Academy also has a private school)

Is homeschooling considered as public schooling?

No, it is considered homeschooling.

Is there any homeschooling that are not online?

is there any homeschooling that is not online

What are the benefits to homeschooling your children?

There are many pro and cons to homeschooling your child. You'd get to spend more with your children and you'll get to choose what they learn about and the methods you do it. You can also get to experience field trips and all the fun stuff with your children. Then again, I believe public school will help with your child's socialization skills. Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to homeschooling.

What kinds of supplies should I get for homeschooling? has some printable resources that your child can use, such as calendars and ideas for homeschooling supplies that can be used for teaching. also has free printable resources and product reviews that can help you choose things to buy.

how do i get home schooling started?

visit The four basic steps for beginning homeschooling are to contact a local homeschool support group in your area, choose a homeschooling curriculum, familiarize yourself or whoever will be working in a teaching capacity with the curriculum and then begin teaching.

Why do people choose Homeschooling?

I'm a homeschooled kid, so here's my guess: People choose homeschooling because it takes the student away from bad influences. Homeschoolers usually have better grades, and have more time to advance at the things they like, such as drawing, or playing an instrument. It's also easier to stay faithful in your religion when you're homeschooled.

What are the requirements on homeschooling?

Homeschooling laws vary from state to state. The best place to find the requirements in your state is to start with a homeschooling support group.

How much per month is homeschooling?

Homeschooling is free! But you have to buy the supplies you need.

Why should homeschooling be accepted?

I think homeschooling be accepted because i love chesse!!!!!!!!!!

Do people like homeschooling?

My parents started homeschooling me when I was in third grade. I loved it!

When was Secular Homeschooling - magazine - created?

Secular Homeschooling - magazine - was created in 2007.

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