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Among the human activities that have transformed the biosphere are hunting and gathering, agriculture, industry, and urban development.
Deforestation, pollution - green house gases, growth of cities, depletion of Natural Resources, hunting of animals to extinction

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What factors affect the location of different types of economic activities?

The location of natural Resources and energy will affect the various types of economic activities that come with access to said resources.

Harmful human activities?

One harmful human activity is sky diving. Other harmful activities can be playing football and other types of physical sports.

What Chemicals are in the biosphere?

there are all types of chemicals in the biosphere. like, for example, smoke from nuclear factories and pollutants in the air

Would rain forests mountain ranges and beaches all be a human-environment interaction?

Rain forests mountain ranges and beaches are not "the human-environment interaction", but in terms of human activities, drives, and needs each of these types of geography are affected by human activities in "the human-environment interaction".

What types of organisms live in a biosphere?

producers or autotrophs and consumers or hetrotrophs

What is an example of the malaria organism in a human?

Plasmodium vivax, P. falciparum, P. ovale and P. malariae are the four types of parasites that affect the human. P. knowlesie is recently found to infect human, which normally affect the primates.

How can the human impacts be prevented from the water cycle?

Human should not involve in such activities which interrupt the water cycle. We should encourage afforestation and reduce various types of pollution.

What types of activities does Kansas do?

they do all kinds of activities.

What is the name for the collection of plants and animals of all types that live on earth?

the biosphere

Which are the 4 types of non-economic activities?

social activities religious activities political activities parental activities

Types of human activities in hot deserts?

One of them I know is the San art culture which is seen throughout the whole Kalahari deserts. -S.A.O.P.L.E

What types of activities could make a human community more sustainable?

Everyone should sleep more relax more. Maybe 10 to 12 hours a day. Give us less time to waste resources. And it easy to make this change. Rational thinking for a new world.

Why could a dysfunctional gene affect one type of cell in the body but not other types?

cells express only the genes required for their particular activities

What is a good reason to doubt that the new antibiotic will cure all human disease?

Some antibiotics, such as penicillin, affect only certain types of bacteria but not other types.

What effect do metabolic waste have on tissue activities?

there are two types of wastes : solid , liquid . the waste not only harms on human health but it also effects

What are the types of entrepreneurial activities?

what a feeler

What types of human environment interaction does Toronto have?

they use more power because it is cool there. they also speak English. they have allot i mean allot of outside activities

What are the meanings of the three types of geography?

Physical means What the Earth is like. Human means How and where we live. Environmental means How we affect our surroundings.

A viarity of life across the biosphere is called?

includes environments such as deserts, grasslands, and different types of forest.

How does landforms affect Life on Earth?

Landforms affect life on Earth in a interdependent way. Humans give nutrients and have to adapt to the new surroundings and the landform has to get used to human populated environment. Landforms are many different types of naturally formed earth. Geologists study all types of landforms, for the human and physical features.Landforms affect humans by their shifting from the tectonic plates, their effects on the climate, and how humans grow food.

What types of activities do scientist use technology for?

Scientist use technology to detect or track storms also to test human dna. Hope this helps to start your research.

Types of activities performed by business organization?

There a many types of activities performed by business organizations. Some of these activities are sales and marketing's, profit sharing, profit maximization, operations, finance, merchandising, and manufacturing.

How many types of cells are there in a human?

A human being has thousands of different types of cells.

What are promotional activities?

Promotional activities are activities that helps your products or brand become visible to the market. Promotional activities has different types depending on your company's need.

What are three large reservoirs where carbon is found in the biosphere?

The atmosphere, the ocean, and the terrestrial biosphere.Carbon can be found in the earths oceanic and continental crust in different types of stones as well as in the soil from the decay of organic matter.