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What types of items can one deduct from their taxes?


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There are many categories that fall under qualified tax deductions. Child care expenses, mortgage interest, IRA deductions, and alimony are all legal deductions.

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If you are the one renting the property you can not deduct this from your taxes. If you are the landlord you can receive a deduction on your taxes for owning the property.

Since taxes are a very complicated thing, one must keep all records and receipts if they plan to deduct them on their taxes. These are kept as a record so that if a person is audited, then the person has proof of what they are trying to deduct.

If you use it for your business or if you are a landlord and put it into one of your rental apartments. You may have to depreciate it.

There are various types of taxes paid in France. Everyone in France pays taxes in one way or another including foreigners.

No. You can't deduct RE tax, or any payment really, for something you were not obligated to. However, it does sound like the one who you paid the tax for has income in the amount you provided for them.

Some basic facts: 1) You cannot deduct any property taxes or mortgage interest unless YOU paid it. If a co-owner or cosigner (or even a complete stranger) paid the taxes or interest you cannot deduct them even though you might be an owner of the house. 2) There are severe restrictions on an individual's ability to deduct any type of interest payments. As a general rule, an individual may not deduct any interest payments. One exception to this rule is a limited deduction for interest on a qualified residence. The person deducting the interest must be the legal or beneficial owner of the property in order to qualify under this exception. Unless there are other facts not present in the question, the co-signer would likely not be a legal of beneficial owner. 3) To deduct real estate taxes, the taxes must be imposed on the person taking the deduction. Real estate taxes would be imposed on the owner of the property. The Tax Court has allowed beneficial owners to also claim the deduction (See Trans v Commissioner and Uslu v Commissioner). The co-signer would not be a legal owner and the status of "beneficial owner" is a very difficult one to establish (and we have no evidence the co-signer would qualify as a beneficial owner). Hence the co-signer cannot deduct the real estate taxes. Conclusion: Neither the borrower nor the co-signer can claim a deduction.

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In Nebraska, one would deduct the vehicle registration fees. You will deduct the fees based on the value of the vehicle.

No, (or a personal one)...but you can't also deduct the casualty loss - up to the amount of the if they paid you "in full"....thats it.

No, car loan interest cannot be claimed when filing personal income taxes. One can, however, deduct some costs of upkeep (or mileage) if the individual can demonstrate that the car was used for business and that they were not reimbursed for such usage.

For most states, one of the two types of taxes that provide the largest amount of revenue to the state is property taxes. Sales tax is the other tax that provides a large part of the revenue. Income taxes provide some state revenue.

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One item cannot tell you how much your income taxes will be. Your filing status, dependents, and many other items go into computation of your income taxes and even just to figure your withholdings.

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They can, but they will likely put a lien on something of value before they do that, a car or a home. (Even if your car has a lien their is a spot for a second lien holder)

Be sure to take advantage of all possible deductions when you file your free efile taxes online. One of the most common deductions people fail to take advantage of is for transportation costs related to charity work. While you are not legally able to claim a deduction simply for doing charitable work, you are able to deduct expenses related to that work. For example, if you drive homeless youth to a soccer event every week, then you will be able to deduct expenses for this act. You will be allowed to deduct the expense of gasoline in your federal tax filing.

When you make a monetary donation, usually over $20, you will receive a tax receipt from the company. You can include these receipts and fill out the donation amounts on your annual taxes.

As an individual, from income tax: Only a few years ago they allow the option to deduct either sales taxes paid OR STATE income tax. (Really to level things for those who live places that may not have an income tax, so it may use sales taxes to a higher degree). There are some base amounts one can use in a chart as aprt of filing instructions, or document the actual paid.

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The maximum amount that you may deduct for charitable contributions is 50% of your yearly income. If you've given more than 50% of your income the excess can be deducted on the following years taxes.

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A fee levied on property at one thousandth of a dollar is usually property taxes. Different types of property taxes are assessed on realty depending on the location of the property.

The tax advantages of one primary residential mortgage vary depending on your location. Some governments allow you to deduct interest payment on your taxes. Some do not. You would have to find out your local governments rules in this area.

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