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If it has to rhyme with employee it is probably tree.

If it doesn't have to rhyme it could be plants.

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Q: What types of living organisms are found in a garden?
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What are the three types of carbohydrates found in living organisms?

Monosaccharides,Disaccharides and Polysaccharides.

What are the two types of coordination in living organisms?

the two types of coordination in living organisms are as follows:chemical coordinationnervous coordination

What are the two types of variation shown by living organisms?

nonsense ,dum and crazy are the two types variation shown by living organisms.

What are four types of molecule's?

There are four types of organic molecules or macromolecules that are found in living organisms. These include proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and nucleic acids.

What types of organisms are found in soil?

Bacteria and fungi are types of organisms that are found in soil.

What are two types of feedback mechanisms found in living organisms?

positive feedback - increase activity negative feedback - decrease activity

What is the best way to have a organism?

There are many types of organisms in this world. For example, non-living organisms such as water can be obtained through rivers, seas, streams etc. Or if you feel adventurous, living organisms such as trees can be found in woods. If you meant orgasm however, find a dildo.

What are the other living organisms in the desert?

examples of living organisms in these areas: cacti, lizards, some types of snakes, etc.

What types of organisms can be found in the soil?


How does light affect life in the oceans?

basically it affects the different types of organisms living there. basically it affects the different types of organisms living there. photosenthesys is also present when sunlight is.

What are the different types of Life Science?

Biology, living organisms.

What types of living organisms should you not come into contact with in your biology laboratory?

Organisms that cause disease