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There are alot of monkeys in India they are usually vegetairians so they do not eat meat!

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Q: What types of monkeys live in India?
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Where do monkeys live in india?

wich reigon does monkey live in india

Do monkeys live in India?

Actually, some species of monkeys live in India. ever seen Aladdin? look it up!

What types of monkeys live in tropical rainforests?

Howler monkeys

Do squirrel monkeys live in groups or alone?

Generally, squirrel monkeys will live together in groups. Some types of squirrel monkeys live in groups of up to 100 monkeys.

What continent do monkeys live on?

Monkeys live in South America, as well as Asia and Africa. There are also different types of monkeys in Europe.

Where do monkeys naturaly live?

They live in the wild in places like India.

Do monkeys live in the Savannah?

There are types of monkeys that live in the savanna. Some of these monkeys include green and patas monkeys, as well as baboons.Some species do - eg Baboons.

In what type of jungle does a monkey live in?

there are many types of monkeys and they live all around the world. Some monkeys even live in snow.

Where do common Indian monkeys live in India?

Everywhere. I used to live in New Delhi, India, and I saw monkeys on all the back roads. However, you couldn't find them on the main streets.

What types of monkeys live in the Amazon?

There are many types of monkeys in the Amazon. Somecommon species are tamarins, howler monkeys, spider monkeys, capuchin monkeys, squirrel monkeys and marmosets. There are several varieties in each specie too.

What types of monkeys live in Italy?

none but there are macaques in portugal and in morocco.

What group size do spider monkeys live in?

5-10 people live in agroup but you cant say because different types of spider monkeys have a different amount of spider monkeys in it

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