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What are all characteristics of the marine biome?

Many of the plants, animals, and life support the marine biome.

Plants and insects in the marine biome?

Some of the plants that grow in the marine biome include kelp, seaweed, and sea wacks. There are also insects found in the marine biome and they include sea skaters and midges.

What is the land description for marine biome?

A marine biome usually occurs in one of the worldâ??s oceans, which is around 75 percent of all the surface land on Earth. There are many different types of plants and animals that live in this biome.

What is the Marine biome?

The marine biome experiences a smaller degree of temperature change than the terrestrial biome. (not really) a marine biome is a place where underwater creatures and plants live in and adapt to for a living.

What plants live in a marine biome?

There are all kinds of plants that live in the Marine Biome, so basically any type of plant there is on this earth that we live in!

What are some plants of the marine biome?

Three major plants found in the marine biome is the coral weed, sea weed and various forms of kelp.

What are the types of precipitation in the marine biome?


What are the 7 types of terrestrial biome?

marine biome,desert biome,savanna biome,coniferous forest biome,tundra,etc

What are biotic factors of a marine biome?

Biotic factors of a marine biome is any factor that is currently living. For example, fish in a marine biome along with plants and algae are all biotic factors.

What kinds of plants are in the marine biome?

"sea weed" O_O

What type of plants or trees exist in the marine biome?

a dog

Can you find plants from a marine biome in a lake environment?


Why do barnacles grow on whales in the marine biome?

* yes, they can in some types of water that the marine has

Is marine a biome?

The marine is a biome but is called marine life. The marine life biome is also the largest biome out of all of them!

What kinds of plants are in a marine biome?

kelp, sea weed, coral

How many types of marine biomes are there?

A:There are two major ones - Salt water biome, and freshwater biome.

What biomes are near the marine biome?

The marine biome is the ocean biome so technically all the biomes are near the marine

How have plants adapted to Marine biome environment?

all plant in the marine has adapted to its envionment by all having the same food

What animals live in a marine biome?

animals that can take the salt in the marine water. Animals from a freshwater biome can't live in a marine biome cause it does not have the adaptation to live in the salty marine biome

What are some specific plants in the marine biome?

algae, water moss, and plant plankton

Average temperature for marine biome?

what is the average temperture for the marine biome.

Where is the marine biome found?

The Marine Biome is part of all oceans.

Do clownfish live in the marine biome?

yes it does live in the marine biome

What types of plants and animals live in Rainforest Biome?


How plants adapt in marine biome?

Plants that grow in water are designed to survive in water. When they have to adapt, they do so based on their surroundings.