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What types of symptoms would a person on stress leave exhibit?

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Stress! Here is an excellent website that discusses short and long term physical and behavioral symptoms of stress:

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Q: What types of symptoms would a person on stress leave exhibit?
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In Ontario how to get a stress leave?

In Ontario one is able to get a stress leave with a doctors prescription. It is a lot like medical leave and if one has benefits it permits a person to receive pay while absent from work.

What is a stress-leave disability?

A stress-leave disability is a disability caused by stress and or anxiety.

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Can you visit out of town while on stress leave?


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Why is it important to deal with emotional stress?

because holding it in can leave you at risk for a mental breakdown, stress building up or stress related diseases such as heart attack, hair loss, ect.

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Do you have to hire a person back who took a leave of absence?

Oh , no. You have just given that person leave for a few days , you haven't fired that person. So , you don't have to hire a person back who took leave for a few days.

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Do you get paid while on stress leave?

It depends. If you have enough sick time and or vacation time to cover the leave, you can use that. If not, no the employer does not have to pay you. I assume that you are out on FMLA.

Does a person leave no room for doubt?

Why leave room for doubt if there is none!

How do you keep your company medical policy while on leave and disability for stress?

If your company has approved leave and disability, then you should be able to claim the Family Medical Leave Act as protection. Link Below.

What are the reasons some teachers leave?

bad pay, stress, just the obvious things really!

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Show you some samples of leave applications?

A typical leave application should include the reason why the person wants a leave and the duration of the leave. Some companies will require the person to delegate some important task to a nominee.

What can i do if I work in a hostile work place?

Prepare to leave, the stress is not worth it and they probably won't change anyway.

Can an American Dr take a Canadian and place them on stress leave?

no and i doh care about allyuh stupid americans