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co-axial cable is used intelephones

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Q: What types of telephone wire can be used underground?
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Can a 6-wire telephone cord be used with a four-wire telephone?


What wire is used for Telephone line?

Copper wire

Difference between wire telephone and electronic telephone?

because the wire telephone has wire in it Answer 2 Well, almost all telephones used today are electronic devices, including mobile phone, wire telephone and ip telephone. Wire telephone is just a sub branch of electronic telephone.

Instrument used for signals in battle?

Telegraph/telephone wire.

What is the AWG of telephone wire?

Regular telephone wire is rated a 28

What are the types of wires used for installation?

Types of wire used in installations are copper and aluminium.

How is the telegraph used today?

Ever see the lowest wire on a "telephone" pole? That is the telegraph wire, mostly used by municipal services these days.

What are the types of wire and what are its different uses?

There are three types of wires. They are solid wire (single piece metal wire used when flexibility is required),stranded wire (group of gauge wire wrapped used in circuit boards), braided wire (strands of wire braided together used as electromagnetic shield).

Which technologies are used in telephone exchange?

technologies that are used in telephone exchange include manual service, dial service, telephone exchange and telephone switch. Other services include concentrator, off-hook, on-hook and wire center.

Is a telephone wire copper?


How and what does the telephone do?

Telephone cable wire is used as the medium for internet connection. With the incorporation of the internet and the telephone technologies, we can now conveniently and cost effectively exchange audio and video information.

What is the energy source of the telephone?

the telephone wire it is connected 2

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