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What types of turtles lay unfertilized eggs?

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red eared sliders sometimes lay unfertilized eggs.

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Do turtles need to mate every time it should lay eggs?

No, several types of female turtles can lay unfertilized eggs on a regular basis.

Do you need a male turtle for the female to lay eggs?

yes you need too No. Female turtles can lay unfertilized eggs, the same as chickens. We have 2 female red ear sliders who lay eggs without a male.

Do penguins lay unfertilized eggs?

Like most birds it is possible for penguins to lay unfertilized eggs but it doesn't happen very often.

Where do frogs and turtles lay eggs?

Frogs lay eggs in the water, turtles lay eggs on land.

Can boy turtles lay eggs?

No, male turtles can lay eggs.

Do female turtles lay eggs when they are alone n a tank?

Yes. Female turtles will sometimes lay unfertilized eggs even when alone. This is a common behaviour in other animals as well such as birds. On rarer occasions turtles can also store sperm from an earlier encounter with a male, and lay a fully fertilized egg.

Can painted turtles lay unfertilized eggs?

Yes, they likely won't hatch however many species of turtles will retain sperm from up to several years before.

Turtles lay what type of eggs?

Turtles lay chicken eggs (just kidding just kidding) turtles lay turtle eggs......

How can fertilized and unfertilized eggs obtained?

Fertilized eggs happen when you have a rooster present. Hens will lay without a rooster, but the eggs are unfertilized.

Do sea turtles lay eggs?

Yes, sea turtles do lay eggs.

Where do turtles usually lay their eggs?

where ever turtles r they will lay eggs

Why do male turtles lay eggs?

Yes, male turtles do lay eggs

Where do bog turtles lay their eggs?

Bog turtles lay their eggs in nests.

Do hen lays unfertilized eggs?

Yes, hens often lay unfertilized eggs. In fact, all egg laying chickens that have not been mated by a rooster within the past ten days lay only unfertilized eggs.

What kind of eggs do turtles lay?

Turtles lay eggs which are soft-shelled and leathery.

Do female turtles die when they lay their eggs?

No. Female turtles do not die when they lay their eggs.

Do female turtles have to with a male to have eegs yes or no?

No, female turtles will produce unfertilized eggs. In the case of box turtles, the female can store a males sperm for up to four years. Therefore, they may lay fertilized eggs without copulating with a male.

Do peahens lay unfertilized eggs?

yes if there is no male peacock to breed them they will still lay eggs and set on them

Do turtles lay eggs?

Yes, turtles lay eggs. The number and frequency of eggs depends on the species of turtle.

Where do turtles put their eggs?

Turtles lay their eggs on the beach.

Do marine turtles lay their eggs on land?

Marine turtles do come ashore to lay their eggs.

Do male turtles lay eggs?

No - males do not lay eggs.

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