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What types of woodburning stoves are there?


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The three principal types of woodburning stoves are: traditional box (radiant), airtight (circulating), and pellet fed.


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Woodburning stoves, believed to be the earliest heating devices, were first used by the Chinese in 600 B.C.

Other sources include woodburning stoves, kerosene heaters, improperly ventilated water heaters and gas stoves, and blocked or poorly maintained chimney flues.

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I have started a home maintenance service in a remote area where woodburning stoves are the primary source of heat. What types of chimney sweep tools are most effective for removing creosote deposits?

When the outside temp is higher than the inside temp, the warm air forces the cooler air in the chimney back into the stove/house. Hence the odor.

In my area the best type of store for wood pellet stoves is a Fireplace shop.

all fire needs a source of oxygen. a woodburning stove is no different

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Yes, for cooking and for heating. Wood stoves, oil stoves, gas stoves, and electric stoves.

Buck Stove produces many different types of stoves. They also produce outdoor grills, fire pits, furniture, lighting and accessories. They are very well known for their wood stoves.

Most camping stoves are fueled by small bottles of propane roughly the size of a quart of milk. You can also get Coleman stoves which use white gasoline, but this is extremely flammable and should be used with the utmost caution.

Generally, if you get on the website of the pellet stove manufacturer, they will provide you a link to replacement parts for your particular model. Be sure to have the model number handy so you are sure to order the right part. A great place to find replacement parts for all kinds of stoves and woodburning furnaces is There is also a more specialized website,, that has parts just for pellet stoves.

This varies by state and local codes, although most use the NFPA codes. Google: NFPA minimum clearance woodburning stove

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Optimus of Sweden manufactures cook stoves specifically designed for cooking outdoors, such as when camping. They also carry accessories such as cookware safe to use with their cook stoves, tools for turning and skewering food on the cook stove and fuel for the stove including propane, butane and isobutane.

Coleman stoves use a few types of liquid fuel. The most common type of fuel used by Coleman stoves is propane. Another common type of fuel is Kerosene.

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Go to Wikipedia and type in Primus Stoves. There is a whole article on there about Primus stoves. Alternatively go to the Primus Camping website and go through the variety of stoves there.

When you're looking into what type of stove to get, there are a number of people that may talk about the benefits of different types of stoves. While it's true that any type of stove has its pros and cons, it is also true that gas stoves possess many more "pros" than "cons". One of the biggest benefits to having one of these gas stoves is the much higher level of control you have over your cooking. When using gas stoves, you can seamlessly shift from boil to simmer in a matter of seconds-- instead of waiting for an electric coil to catch up.

You have to level up to buy new stoves.

Yes, propane stoves are considered to be legal in restaurants. Along with propane stoves, many restaurants have gas and electric stoves.

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