What undergraduate degree does one have to earn to be accepted to a graduated program in occupational therapy?

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Individuals who seek this field come from a variety of educational backgrounds. The critical issue is the completion of all prerequisite coursework required. If you have not completed the prerequisite coursework, you may be required to do so at the undergraduate level first. Still, if you have a passion for the field you will do it.
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What is the difference between an undergraduate and a graduate degree?

Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees In general , Associates and Bachelors degrees are considered undergraduate course work, while the Masters and Doctoral degrees are considered graduate course work. Graduate course work - in most cases - is very specific and particular to one field of study. ( Full Answer )

Is a bachelor's degree an undergraduate or graduate degree?

A bachelor's degree is an undergraduate degree program. It requires you to complete 120 to 128 credits depending on the program you choose. It is important to choose the right college, one that's well-known, has received accreditation from a reputed accrediting body. Some colleges offer online and o ( Full Answer )

If you have three years of undergraduate study and one year of graduate study as a result of pursuing college in India and Australia how can you obtain a graduate degree in the US?

You will not be able to get a graduate degree of any kind at most regionally-accredited institutions of higher learning in the United States until and unless you can show that you've earned a bachelors degree from a regionally-accredited institution of higher learning in the United States. Now, that ( Full Answer )

What undergraduate degrees are acceptable to get into medical school?

\nAll are acceptable. Make sure the class requirements are fulfilled. If you dont know what classes to take, i suggest looking at the schools website of which you plan to attend. I also answered a similar question, i recommend you also look at that question. :). \nAll are acceptable. Make sure ( Full Answer )

What the difference in Undergraduate and Graduate Programs?

Undergraduate work is a basic foundation within a given program of study. The course work includes a general cluster of knowledge that promotes a well rounded education. Thus, the student is exposed to a variety of areas, not just their chosen field of study. These areas would include general educat ( Full Answer )

Can i earn a bachelor's degree in respiratory therapy?

My mom is a nurse so i think so Answer Of course you can, provided you fulfill the pre-requisites of earning a Bachelor's degree. There are quite a few colleges and universities that offer a bachelor's degree in respiratory therapy. However, I would recommend you to check out the respiratory the ( Full Answer )

What degree Earns 100000.00 at graduation?

Chances are none. Most college grads are running somewhere in the $50-$60,000 range. To get more you would have to be working on commission or working for daddy.

What are the best schools for pursuing a degree in occupational therapy?

You can obtain this information by going to www.collegeboard.com/splash/ and using the sites College MatchMaker search engine, or you can also click on the related links below which will take you directly to the site. You can research colleges and universities by name, or by programs of study, or b ( Full Answer )

To be well prepared for a graduate program in physical therapy what are some of the best bachelor degrees you can do?

Individuals who wish to pursue a career as a physical therapist come from a variety of educational backgrounds. Whatever the program of study you choose, the important issue revolves around the coursework you complete within that degree. You should have a strong foundation in the areas listed below. ( Full Answer )

Is there still a work-study program in the undergraduate or graduate level?

Yes there is, however you have to check with each individual college or university and inquire about the work-study policies. Some colleges only offer work-study to individuals on a need bases. . Yes there is, however you have to check with each individual college or university and inquire about t ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between an undergraduate program and a graduate program?

An undergraduate program, typically a 4 year post-high school program, leads to a bachelor's degree. This probably also includes associate's degrees which are usually designed as 2 years of a bachelor's program. Graduate programs are any degree programs for which you need a bachelor's to qualify. Us ( Full Answer )

Can you work in a hospital with an occupational therapy degree?

There are hospitals that do hire occupational therapists. There are hospitals that do hire occupational therapists. There are hospitals that do hire occupational therapists. There are hospitals that do hire occupational therapists. There are hospitals that do hire occupational therapists. There ( Full Answer )

How long does it take to get an occupational therapy degree?

It depends on which level, an associate's (some community colleges offer this, but not many), or bachelor's degree. Read the following for both. . The associates degree is designed as a two year program of study as a full-time student provided the student takes the degree as prescribed by the coll ( Full Answer )

What are the undergraduate degree programs offered by Dodoma University?

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - B.Sc. (CS ). Bachelor of Science in Information Systems - B.Sc. (IS ). Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering - B.Sc.(SE) . Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering - B.Sc. (CE)* . Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems - B.Sc. (B ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a undergraduate degree and a certificate program in business?

An undergraduate degree is the formal education offered by colleges and universities which consists of a full graduate program. However, some students cannot commit to a full graduate program and opt for Certificate Programs. These programs allow students to take part in the same classes as those un ( Full Answer )

How does one obtain an RN and MSN by graduating from a degree program?

The following is written by and according to the U.S. Department of Labor and particular to the education and training required for a nurse.. The three major educational paths to registered nursing are a bachelor's degree, an associate degree, and a diploma from an approved nursing program. Nurses ( Full Answer )

Which is better undergraduate degree or graduate degree?

Both are good but a graduate degree can be more helpful with one's employment or when one is looking for a better or different job. A graduate degree is often more time-consuming and difficult but with good study habits, one can succeed. With the many online graduate degree programs available, it ca ( Full Answer )

How many undergraduate degree programs does Benedict offer?

If you are referring to Benedict College Columbia, SC, the school offers only bachelor degrees in the following areas. Arts, Visual & Performing . Art - General B . Multimedia B Biological & Biomedical Sciences . Biology B Business, Management, & Marketing . Accounting B . ( Full Answer )

What is the benefit of a graduate degree compared to a undergraduate degree?

In brief, some careers require an advanced degree, a higher degree can lead to promotion and advancement within your chosen field, it will open more doors of opportunity in the same or at times different fields, and itpotentially can increase your self-esteem and morale, which leads to a more profic ( Full Answer )

Do you have to have an undergraduate degree before a graduate degree?

Yes you do. A bachelor's degree with completion of all prerequisite coursework (if any), must be obtained first. The graduate degrees are advanced study particular to a specific field that follows the foundational coursework of the bachelor's degree.

Is an undergraduate degree in psychology enough to get into psychology graduate program. Should I stay with my bio major as well. Chemistry is killing me. I'm thinking of dropping bio to a minor?

The undergraduate degree in psychology is very appropriate for entrance into a psychology graduate program. But look, the question is, what are your overall career goals and objectives? Once you decide that, your path will become clear. Thus, you have to acquire a vision for yourself; A clearly arti ( Full Answer )

Can you advance your degree as an occupational therapy assistant?

There is always a way to advance in your education. First is the vision; A clearly articulated picture of the future you intend to create for yourself. Next, is finding the college or university that offers the program that will lead to that vision. If you need to take some prerequisite coursework, ( Full Answer )

How many credit hours are needed to earn an undergraduate degree?

The associates degree is designed as a two year program of study as a full-time student provided the student takes the degree as prescribed by the college, and provided the student does not require prerequisite coursework as a result of basic skills testing. There are some programs of study that m ( Full Answer )

Does graduate degrees have to match with undergraduate degrees?

No, many individuals pursue a master's degree unrelated to their bachelor's degree. My bachelor's is in psychology but my master's is in organizational management. You just have to meet the prerequisite coursework required by your intended master's degree (if any).

Is occupational therapy program hard?

It's definitely not a major that anyone can sleep through, but any program leading into a masters degree won't be easy. If you are good with science courses and social skills it will be worth it, however, and after years of schooling the rest will be a piece of cake.

Is a bachelor's degree a graduate or undergraduate?

That's true, it can be very confusing because different countries have different names for degrees but a Bachelors degree is an undergraduate degree. Some of these are even offered online. If you read Independence university student reviews, you can see that they offer undergraduate degrees in mainl ( Full Answer )

How does one get an undergraduate degree in psychology?

"One needs to research colleges or universities that offer a psychology degree. Undergraduate simply means that the degree is not a graduate aka Masters degree. Most schools offer degrees in psychology, but a graduate degree may increase chances of a better future in the industry."

Can you take both graduate degrees and undergraduate degrees?

Yes, your undergraduate degree is what qualifies you for the graduate or master's degree. Make sure the undergraduate college you enroll in has the right accreditation for the master's you intend to enroll in. An undergraduate degree is required if you want to do your graduate or master's in that ( Full Answer )

Is MS a graduate or undergraduate degree?

Master of Science degree comes after an undergraduate Bachelor's degree. However, that's not the purpose of this note. Newsroom is too left wing for me. Bringing in Jane Fonda, a traitor to her country and its military men and women, has sent me packing. I personally know three men who were captiv ( Full Answer )

What is an occupational therapy program?

An occupational therapy, or OT, program enables one to train as an occupational therapist. The courses are usually offered by universities and colleges and can take up to seven years to complete.