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Q: What underwater creature eats crab?
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Is the crab an insect?

No. It is an underwater creature because it lives underwater.

What type of creature eats underwater snails?

puffer fish

What underwater creature with large pincers has a name that begins with the letter C?

That would be a crab.

What underwater creature starts with the letter v?

Vampire squid, velvet crab and viperfish are ocean animals.

Can crabs crabs crabs crabs be hunted by any other creature hunted by any other creature?

yes for example, if a bird eats a crab then the bird can be eaten by another animal, its like a foodchain

What eats a horseshoe crab?

A horseshoe crab eats plankton.

What is another word for underwater creature?

Another word for an underwater creature is a deep sea creature. Deep sea creatures include the cornuta, the giant isopod and the humpback anglerfish.

What eats a ghost crab?

ghost crab eat fish

What inspired Stephen hillenburg to create SpongeBob?

Steven Hillenburg is a former marine biologist and he thought of the oddest underwater creature that kids could relate to. He considered the sea-sponge, starfish crab squid and lobster.

How did the constellation Cancer get its name?

Cancer means crab in Latin. The constellation Cancer makes a crab when you connect the associated stars.It's latin for crab, which is who saved Hercules from the sea creature Hydra. It's latin for crab, which is who saved Hercules from the sea creature Hydra.

What eats muscles clams and mullusks?

One invertebrate sea creature that eats them is the Octopus. A mammalian creature that eats them is the Sea Otter.

What eats a periwinkle?

A crab eats a periwinkle!

What eats the periwinkles?

a crab eats a periwinkle

Is there a creature that eats zombies?

That's easy. The creature that eats zombies is a zombie-eater of course.

What hermit crab eats?

Hermit Crab Food...From The Store... Don't listen to him... listen to me a hermit crab eats bug or small fish but I'm not sure

What eats the white crab?

you do you eat the white crab

Can hermit crabs go under water?

The land hermit crab can go underwater, however, they can't breathe underwater. Hermit crab owners should use a sponge in water so the crab doesn't drown.

What eats a fungis?

a crab eats fungi and snails

What does a horseshoe crab eat?

A horseshoe crab eats plankton.

What sea creature is grumpy?

The crab.

Cancer in Latin for what creature?


What is sea creature with nippers?


Is a scallop a fish?

No, but it is a underwater creature ;)

What is carnivorous creature?

A creature that eats meat. A carnivore.

What does crab eat and what eats its?

it eats different types of algae