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Neptune is far from the sun so it receives hardly any heat; the atmosphere is actually -218 C. There is no solid surface and Neptune's atmosphere is known to have the highest speed when it comes to the wind.

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What are some unique characteristics of Neptune?

its big and awsome and blue

What are 2 unique characteristics of Neptune?

All ocean water and an on going storm.

Does Neptune have rings or other unique features?

Yes, Neptune does have rings, as to other uniquefeatures, Neptune is an almost exact twin of Uranus. (There are differences in size, and a few other characteristics not worth noting).

What are the unique features of Neptune?

Neptune has rings and is magnetic. Yes, but that isn't unique.

What are unique characteristics about Neptune?

It had a Great Dark Spot, which was a big storm, but it disappeared. A smaller one has shown up since.

Unique features about Neptune?

Uranus and Neptune are called the sister planets

What makes Neptune unique?

Something unique to Neptune is the Great Dark Spot. It is a depression in the atmosphere surrounded by high cirrus clouds.

What are the characteristics of Neptune?

Neptune has a ring system and is close to uranus and pluto

What are the unique features of the planet Neptune?

Uranus and Neptune are called the sister planets

What are some unique features of Neptune?

its blue

What are charateristics of Neptune?

it has no characteristics of any kind

What are the physical characteristics of the planet Neptune?

aliens did that

What are the surface characteristics on the planet Neptune?


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one of the most unique characteristics of this mission

What are unique characteristics of uranus?

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What is unique about Neptune?

Something unique about it is its temperature its -218 Celsius. It's very beautiful... calming

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Is it true that the water cycle is unique to the planets Earth and Neptune?


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Isolate planets of the solar system and explain their unique characteristics.

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What are some main characteristics of planet Neptune?

cold and has a spot

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