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It is degrees.

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An object which measures temperature?

A thermometer measures temperature.

What is the unit that measures frequency?

Hertz (Hz) is the unit that measures frequency

What unit measures mass?

The unit that measures mass is the kilogram. The SI unit that is used to measure weight is the newton.

What instrument measures air pressure and temperature?

A barometer measures pressure while a thermometer measures temperature.

What instrument measures temperature outside?

A thermometer measures temperature, indoor or outdoor.

What measures air pressure temperature humidity and wind?

a barometer measures air pressure. an anemometer measures wind speed. a thermometer measures temperature.

Which metric unit measures a raisin?

The answer depends on what characteristic of the raisin is being measured: its mass, its length, volume, temperature - or whatever.

What unit measures things in space?

It depends on what attributes are being measured: mass, temperature, luminosity, distance are some of the common attributes.

Unit of temperature?


What are the units of measurement for thermometer?

A thermometer measures temperature; common units for temperature are:* Kelvin (the official international unit) * Celsius, also known as Centigrade (a popular unit used in most of the world) * Fahrenheit (mainly used in the United States)

What does a thermometer measures?

the thermometer measures the temperature of the wind.

What is a unit of measurement that measures 1 unit by 1 unit?

1 square unit.

what is the SI unit temperature?


Ho does a thermometer measure temperature?

A thermometer measures temperature by using the liquid inside of the thermometer. It measures temperature by Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Can the amplitude of a sound wave can be described by a centigrade scale?

No, centigrade is a unit of temperature, not amplitudes.No, centigrade is a unit of temperature, not amplitudes.No, centigrade is a unit of temperature, not amplitudes.No, centigrade is a unit of temperature, not amplitudes.

Unit that measures force is called what?

Newton is the unit of force.

What temperature scale measures absolute temperature?


How is temperature the same as heat?

Temperature measures heat.

What is SI unit for temperature?

I believe Kelvin is the unit for temperature.

What is the SI unit in temperature?

The SI unit for temperature is Kelvin.

What is a unit of area that measures 1 unit by 1 units?

1 square unit

What does the thermometer do?

It measures temperature.

A Thermometer measures what?


What measures a temperature?


What does temperature measure?

Temperature measures how fast molecules are moving or in scientific terms it measures the AVERAGE KINETIC ENERGY in a system. Temperature measures how fast molecules are moving. :):)