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Q: What units are used when a graph is calculated?
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A line graph is a graph that uses?

A graph is used for graphing lines and points. A graph consist of rows columns and units.

What is the scale on a graph?

The scale is the numerical system that is used to define the axis of a graph.

Is the scale on the graph?

The scale on a graph is the relation between the units of measurement that are being used. This is where you mark different positions on the axis.

What does the conversion graph on a map indicating?

The conversion of different units of measures used on a map

What are the five things that a perfect graph has?

Title & Date, Axis's Labeled, All space used up that is given to draw the graph, units (lablel the axis) and always to the best graph for your subject ;)

Is f(x) shifted downward a units?

To shift a funcion (or its graph) down "a" units, you subtract "a" from the function. For example, x squared gives you a certain graph; "x squared minus a" will give you the same graph, but shifted down "a" units. Similarly, you can shift a graph upwards "a" units, by adding "a" to the function.

What are the units on a graph?

Unless otherwise specified, they are simply called 'units'.

What are units on a graph?

Unless otherwise specified, they are simply called 'units'.

What are the metric units a speed graph?


What are the numbers that show the units on a graph?


Which units could you use for the y-axis of a graph of speed time to display the motion of an automobile?

A time graphs units is what is used for the y-axis. This is what show the speed in time.

What do you label the horizontal axis on a graph?

The label should indicate what is being measured along the axis, and the units used for these measurements.