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Q: What uses of lobster to turn the lobster in the water?
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When you boil a lobster do you boil the water first then put the lobster in the pot or put the lobster in the pot while the water boils?

You can boil the lobster in 2 ways. 1. if you don't want it to turn out too soft you would boil the water first then put in the lobster. That allows the lobster to cook quicker and it turns out slightly crunchy. 2. If you want the lobster to turn out soft and tender you have to put the lobster ion with the water and boil both at the same time. That makes the lobster moist from the water and then it cooks well, however it takes a bit longer than the other way because there is the process of the water boiling and then the lobster has to have time to cook.

What are the uses for lobster?

you cook them then eat them for HP

What goes into water red and comed out black?

A lobster

What should you do on poptropica when you get the lobster what do you do with it?

Go up the lighthouse. There is a handle. Use the lobster to turn the handle.

How do you exterminate a lobster humanely?

There are a few ways, you can deep freeze the Lobster, this puts the Lobster to sleep and shuts down its systems so when you 'kill' it will not feel a thing or you can place the Lobster in a large pot of cold water then bring the water to the boil, this puts the Lobster to sleep and a painless death follows. Some drop the Lobster into rapidly boiling water the Lobster dies instantly.

What kind of water do lobster live in?

Salt water, generally, but lobster can tolerate fresh water for short periods; it tends to anesthetize them.

How do lobster produce?

from the water

How can you keep from wasting water?

When washing dishes, turn off water when using soap. Also you can turn off water while brushing teeth, when you rinse, then you can uses the water.

Is Maine lobster better than lobster caught in warm water areas?


Turn on light house light in Poptropica?

Take the lobster claw and turn the switch.

How do you turn the lighthouse around in poptropica?

u need the lobster,then use it and it will turn it around.

Is there a difference in taste between steaming and boiling a live lobster?

When you steam the lobster, it is placed in a basket above a pot of boiling water. When you are boiling the lobster, it is placed directly into the boiling water.