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You should allow the mouse to suck or lick them off the end of eye dropper. Do not force the liquid. It may also suck them off the end of you )clean) finger or suck it out of the end of (clean) soaked cotton.

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probably a dropper with milk or water in it or drink out of a bowl. then let it nibble on cheese.

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Q: What utincle do you use to feed a baby mouse?
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When can you touch your newborn baby mouse?

No you can not touch a newborn baby mouse tomuch unless the eyes are open P.S feed a baby abandond mouse condensed milk worm up in microwave for 8 seconds and use sorinj

If you feed a baby mouse cow milk will it die?

It will get sick and die. Use ESBILAC, you'll find it in a drugstore.

How do you feed the mechanical mouse in poptropica?

Get the cheese from the dungeon and use it on the mouse

Is feeding a baby mouse human milk bad?

Mice can not digest diary. Feeding a mouse cow milk can cause an imbalance in its digestive tract. If you need to hand feed a baby mouse, which is very hard to do, then you need to use milk replacement formula made for puppies.

What do humans feed abandoned baby mice?

It is best to feed an abandoned baby mouse regular or kitten/puppy milk mix diluted in water. Once it has opened its eyes it is ok to start giving it bits of solid foods like cheese, or specialized mouse food. It is best to feed an abandoned baby mouse regular or kitten/puppy milk mix diluted in water. Once it has opened its eyes it is ok to start giving it bits of solid foods like cheese, or specialized mouse food.

How do you take care of a ophan mouse?

Well if you have a baby mouse with no fur what you should feed it warm puppy or kitten milk (not cow milk, that can cause diarrhea) using a syringe. If you don't have a syring, you can use a piece of string until you can get one, just soak it in the milk until a drop forms at the end. If the baby mouse does not drink it take it to the closest RSPCA.

Can you feed whole milk to a baby mouse?

ONLY GIVE IT KITTY MILK OR OR LACTOSE FREE MILK AND NEVER GIVE THEM CHEESEAnswerAwww, a baby mouse! I use to have one too .. raised it and put it back out in the fields.Baby "anything" should have warm milk (slightly less than body temp. Test it on your wrist (shouldn't be the same temp as baby milk, but just the chill taken off the milk. As long as the milk has been refrigerated there should be no harm in giving the mouse day old milk. I put a tiny bit of honey in with the milk, then I dipped a cloth in it and let the baby mouth suckle on it. I called him "Fat Albert" later on. LOLAlso, to learn more about raising your little mouse go to "google" and put in:"What to feed a baby mouse." There is all kinds of info through Google.AnswerYes, its fine to feed your mouse organic milk-in fact that is really good for your mouse!AnswerDo NOT feed your mouse cow milk! If you must give him milk that is not from the mother then use ORGANIC GOATS MILK.Puppy milk or kitten milk formula is best for baby mice, because it contains nutrients and stuff much like mouse milk. Regular milk will do in a pinch, but baby mice weren't made to digest cow's milk, and it can cause problems for them.AnswerMice cannot digest cows milk. Period. Go to the pet store and get the goats milk that is formulated for puppys or kittens.

Is their something you can wash your mouse with if he has little black spots?

Use baby wipes to clean a computer mouse.

What do you do with a baby mouse that your cat has been batting around and can you feed it 2 percent milk?

Survival depends how young it is. You may use an eye dropper and baby formula. 2% is a bad idea. Use small amounts at a time and slightly warm the milk (just as you would for a baby person). Good luck.

How do you feed a babydow baby?

First you need to buy a Potty at the boutique. then, when your baby says "poo-poo" click on "would you like to give your baby a potty?". Then select which potty you will use. When you have given the baby the potty, it will either use it and get hygiene points OR it won't and then you have to change his/her nappy. The more you give the potty (even if they don't use it) they will eventually be potty trained. Be persistent!!!

To feed data or instructions into computer you use?

In order to feed any instruction or data int a computer, one has to use input devices. The most common input devices are the keyboard, mouse and microphone.

Can i use watered down milk to feed a 5 day old mouse?

yes if you want to kill it