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Q: What vasco de gama full name?
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Full name of Queen Isabella?

Isabell De Vasco De Gama

What are facts about Vasco Da Gama?

His full name was Vaso Da Gama. Not De Gama.His father was was a portuguese soilder

Flag name of vasco de gama?

Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama

Why is vasco de gamas name vasco de gama?

his parents wanted to name him vasco de gama and part of his customs to name the child in certain ways

What is vasco de gamo known for?

His name is Vasco De Gama not gamo. He was an explorer.

What are Vasco de Gama's parents name?

Don't know i think it was Dwend De Gama was his dads name and Gabriella DE Gama was his moms name and he had a brother named Paulo DE Gama.

What was Vasco Da Gama's fathers name?

dename de gama

What was vasco de gama trip like?

full of dangers

Who influenced vasco de gama?

vasco de gama's father influenced him

Was vasco de gama married?

Vasco de Gama was married to a woman named paula de Gama

What did vasco de gama dicover?

vasco de gama discovered flying bananas

What was vasco de gama's wife called?

Vasco de Gama's wife was Catarina de Ataíde.

What was Vasco de Gama's mother's name?


Is Vasco Da Gama a European?

vasco de gama is Portuguese

What was vasco de gama best known for?

Vasco De Gama was a Spanish explorer that made it to India.

How long did vasco de gama live?

vasco de gama was born in 4169 and died in 1524

Where did vasco de gama explore?

Vasco de Gama explored from Europe to India.

When did Vasco de Gama reach India?

Vasco de gama reached in Callicut in 1498. Lol

Can you name some pilgrims that are famous?

vasco de gama

Who was vasco de gama?

Vasco De gama was a portugese sailor who first sailed around africa to india

What ship did vasco de gama saild?

Vasco de Gama sailed on the Sao Gabriel on his first voyage

Who were Vasco De Gama's parents?

his parents names were dwend de gama and Gabriella de gama

What was vasco de gama's brother's name?

he has one called Paulo

What was vasco da gama's father's name?

alfonso de albuquerque

What country did Vasco de Gama represent?

vasco de gama was a explore long ago...during the time christopher colubus was alive