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Are socialists against capitalism?

Most socialists are.

What did Progressives and Socialists both criticize?


Who believed Capitalism cause the Great Depression?

The Socialists and the Communists

What are two views socialists held about capitalists?

The socialists didn't like them. Their fashion was whack, yo.

What was the main political reform toward which the socialists worked?

End Capitalism

What was the main political reform towards which the the socialists worked?

A. End capitalism.

What was a key idea expressed by socialists?

Capitalism favors the rich and is unfair to the poor.

What were the key ideas expressed by Socialists?

Capitalism favors the rich and is unfair to the poor.

Why were the radical alternatives to capitalism weakened largely?

Socialists and Communists opposed each other.

What statements was a key ides expressed by socialists?

capitalism favors the rich and is unfair to the poor

What did German socialists formed social democracy aiming to transition gradually from?

from capitalism to socialism

What is one challenge that socialists and capitalists would agree on?

Socialists and capitalists would both agree that capitalism is a necessary step in the challenge of societal development. Socialists, however, believe that socialism should be the next stage of development.

Which of the following statements was a keys idea expressed by socialists?

Capitalism favors the rich and is unfair to the poor

What were John Rockefeller views on capitalism?

Rockefeller loved capitalism as one of the greatest forces on earth.

What do supporters of socialism generally feel about capitalism?

Socialists generally feel capitalism is an outdated form of organizing an economy that needs to be replaced by a socialist economic system.Capitalism leads to inequality among citizens.

Which perspective encompasses the views of social conservatives and socialists?

your mothers round buttox

Why socialists often say that capitalism is a morally unjustifiable system?

Because it creates a very large disparities.

Who condemned capitalism?

The Communists and Socialists, like Stalin's Russia, Communist China, North Korea, ect. Germany's Karl Marx basically started the (rightful) bashing of capitalism.

What political party opposed capitalism and helped the poor?

Democrats. They opposed Capitalism because the "new left" is made up of socialists and in extreme cases... communists.This is not meant to be discriminatory.

American socialists tend to favor?

American socialists favor the working class. They strive to give the workers a break against capitalism. This means more tax breaks for the working class and less for the wealthy.

Did socialism and Progressive have the same goals for American?

No, Socialists and Progressives have very different goals. Socialists seek to change the economic system of from capitalism to socialism. Progressives seek to reform the capitalist system to make it more just, without questioning the fundamentals of capitalism or challenging the legitimacy of private property and the profits system.

What were Weber's views on religion?

I'm not sure about all his views but he's famous for a book called The Protestant Work Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism where he analyzes Protestant values and how they were a driving force behind capitalism.

Which group believed that capitalism was the cause of the Great Depression?

Socialists and Communists were the most fervent believers that capitalism caused the Depression for obvious reasons.However, other groups, such as Keynesians, anarchists and many distributists (in the Catholic Chruch) also believed at least implicitly that capitalism caused the Depression.

Do capitalism and communism have similar views on the ownership of a business and its resources?

No, capitalism and communism have very distinct views about the allocation of resources in a society. Capitalism supports private ownership with the profit motive, deriving additional expansion by accumulating more capital from continual investment. Communism supports social ownership of social resources for the benefit of society, not for profit.

What was one of Vladimir Lenin's descriptions of capitalism?

Before Lenin put forth his views on imperialism, he sought to clarify his own version of Marx's views on capitalism. For Lenin, capitalism is commodity production on its highest level of its development. This is when labor power itself becomes a commodity. The workers' consciousness is the self-consciousness of objectified man, of man as a commodity.Lenin believed he was moderating and improving upon Marx's definition of what capitalism really amounts to.