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What villages or towns in UK end in feld?

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What towns in the Uk end in mouth

No. All the towns/cities/villages/hamlets in the UK start with every letter except X (according to a UK road atlas).

Norwich Ipswich Greenwich

Edinburgh, Fraserburgh.

Southampton, Northampton, Brighton, etc.

None, but some end in 'minster', like Warminster, Upminster.

Bournemouth, Dartmouth & Portsmouth are three examples.

Suffolk & Norfolk are two examples.

Northampton, Northallerton, Southampton, Littlehampton etc.

Billingham, Birmingham, Wolsingham & Wrexham are four examples.

Inverness, Skegness & Deerness are three examples.

Most towns and villages have their own bonfire night and people usually go to the nearest one.

There are 15 members of the National Parks in the UK. A large amount of land within the National Parks is owned by farmers and organizations like the National Trust who live in the nearby villages and towns.

The postcodes for Leicester, the city, begin LE. LE1 is central Leicester but the surrounding towns and villages also have LE, eg Syston is LE7

A few of many are Market Harborough, Attleborough, and Loughborough. In addition many more end in the equivalent - burgh or -brough.

Brighton, Tiverton, Northampton, Boston, Preston, Royston, Taunton and probably many more.

Boroughbridge, Cambridge, Uxbridge, Fordingbridge, Appley Bridge, Fossebridge. That's just a few.

In small towns/villages: By growing crops to be sold in Spanish supermarkets and British supermarkets. By fishing In Cities: Any jobs that are in the UK. eg Business, shops .etc

I Have Found A LIst Of 10 That End In Bury:BuryBanburyCanterburyGlastonburySalisburyShrewsburyWednesburyWelburyAmesburyAylesbury

Colin Towns was born in 1949, in London, England, UK.

Anglia UK has many different towns and cities. Some of the main urban cities include Peterborough, Norwich, and Cambridge. Smaller towns such as Ely and Lowestoft are also scattered around in the area.

England has approximately 1500 towns; Wales about 200; Scotland about 250, and Northern Ireland about 40. So the total for the UK is about 2000.See the Related Links.

As far as I'm aware - there are no towns in the UK ending in 'beau'. The word 'beau' is of French origin - and is unlikely to have been incorporated into a modern British town name. The Normans were the first to attach the term "Beau" or "Bel" to British place names. this was a sign meaning they liked the area . They did not use at the end of the name nor is there are registered placement with this term at the end . However, one example of the Norman influence is Beaulieu in Hampshire means 'fair/fine place.

The UK does not have any shanty towns. But the closest thing could be a council estate!

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