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For the USA its 240V (120V on each line/phase).

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Q: What voltage are electrical lines coming into a house?
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What voltage are electrical lines coming into a house in England?

The electrical lines to a typical house in the UK are 230 V 50 Hz.

What voltage are the electical lines coming into a house with 11 rooms?

240Volts in the USA.

What is EHV lines?

EHV lines are type of electrical lines commonly used for experimentation in physics. They stand for 'Extra High Voltage' lines.

What is use of substaion near grid station?

A power substation is used to reduce the voltage from high voltage power lines to a voltage that is less dangerous that you can use in a house for example. It is less costly to transmit electrical energy over long distances using high voltage.

Does AC have to be converted to DC in order to bury high voltage power lines?

No, there are many instances where AC high voltage lines are installed underground. Where an industrial building has an electrical vault within the building, the high voltage is brought to it using high voltage cables in conduit to supply the vault with primary voltage. These types of installations are usually only used where the customer uses a high volume of electrical power.

Where does electricity travel on to get from the power plant to the people's houses?

It has to come along wires all the way. Some of the wires may be high-voltage overhead lines on pylons, or medium voltage lines on wooden poles, or low voltage (e.g. 240 v) for delivery to the house, which might be fed from overhead or underground cables.

Why are there sometimes balls on high voltage electrical wires?

The balls on some power lines are required so that airplane pilots will be able to avoid flying into the lines.

Are high voltage transmission lines 60Hz like the wiring in a house?

Yes, the frequency stays the same. Only the voltage and current change as the voltage is stepped down.

Do power lines carry electromagnetic waves?

The power lines carry alternating electrical current and voltage. This produces an electrical and magnetic field around the wire. Some of the electrical energy thus escapes in the form of electromagnetic radiation. The wires do not carry the radiation. They radiate it because of the electrical power flowing in them.

Where is the best place to run the electrical and water lines if your house has a cement floor?

Inside the walls.

Can you use a gas water heater of a standard house in a mobile home?

The water heater will work if it will fit dimensionally. The proper electrical voltage and amperage are necessary if it is electric . Propane or natural gas will also work with the proper supply lines .

What is hissing noise on electrical transmission line?

due to corona loss at high voltage on line and insulation failoure beween conductors.these is see in high voltage lines i.e, means >400 Kv.

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