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Overall, WWII did. There were more battles in more parts of the globe, and there were far more civilian casualties, particularly from bombing raids carried out by all sides.

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Q: What war cost more lives World War 1 or World War 2?
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Which war cost more British lives World War I or World War 2?

World War 2 as the citizens were shelled by a lot more airplanes than World War 1 by Germany.

What was the cost of the world war 1 in terms of lives?

the cost in lives was many many deaths

How much did World War 1 cost Americans?

Alot of money, lives, & of course, : war, war and... war.

Which President declared the war that cost the most American lives?

Well there are many. But the big one is World War II. 12,000 soldiers died with war with japan. and in Europe lots more.

What world war spend millions of dollars?

Millions of dollars were spent in both world wars. Though WW 2 cost much more in terms of money and lives.

Was World War 2 the biggest war?

Yes. It involved more countries, cost more lives, and more money than any other war. It also had two atomic bombs used to end the war as fast as possible. WW2 was the biggest war in human history.

Were more amican lives sacrifed in the civil war or in World War 2?

civil war

Why was World War 2 even more costly then World War I?

World War 2 cost more than World War 1 in terms of lives and monetary cost and post-war reparations because the war was conducted in more nations, involved more people and involved the expensive develpment of the atom bomb. It also required the development of new ships, planes, subs, armament, vehicles, and the production of millions of uniforms and gear. Medical service had dramatically increased and improved too so that cost was far higher than in World War 1. The cost of making things was higher twenty plus years after World War 1 too. Labor costs were far greater since a majority of adults on the homefrot worked in the war effort. Salaries of the armed forces was far greater because there were more of them worldwide.

What was the total cost of world war i?

World War 1 was around $208 billion financially. In terms of lives lost, around 9.4 million.

What war took more lives than any other war in America history?

The Civil War cost the most American lives because every life lost was American.

How effective was the Royal Air Force in World War 2?

They were extremely effective, but at a huge cost in aircrew lives.

Did the civil war claim more lives than any other war in history?

No. Of the wars in which America has participated, the Civil War claimed the most American lives, about 20% more than the US killed in World War 2, but other wars have claimed more lives. For example, Russia lost 25 million in World War 2, to say nothing of those killed from other countries in that war.