George Washington

What war did Washington fight in?


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Washington fought in the French and Indian War and the American Revolutionary War

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This is TRUE George Washington did fight in the french and Indian war

He was a general in the Revolutionary War.

George Washington fought for independence in the Revolutionary War!!!!!!!!!

He lead the American forces in the war.

he fought for the revolutionary war

Thomas Jefferson did not fight in any war. George Washington fought in the 7 years war.

Revolutionary War and French and Indian War

George Washington, being the top commander of American Revolutionary troops, and the first US President, is a great resume in itself. He, however, did not fight in the US Civil War. Washington died in 1799.

no his brother fought in the war before he did

A young George Washington fought for the British in the French and Indian War.

Washington fought against the british near Valley Forge

The French and Indian and the Revolutionary War

He fought in the Revolutionary War, under George Washington at Valley Forge.

The French and Indian War and the American Revolution

he helped George Washington fight the brittish. The revolutionary war

he trained the continental army so they could fight on the revolutionary war

george fought in the revolutionary war because he thought the taxes were unfair paloma

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