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Saturn VThe Saturn V was created expressly for the space program. Earlier rockets were adapted to fit the needs of exploration (eg. the Mercury-Redstone combinations), but the power needed to push a craft into orbit required a completely new design.

The Saturn V contains 5 rocket engines, each of which had a diameter of 33 feet (if I recall Apollo 13 correctly). So at it's widest point, the rocket would have to be over 100 feet in diameter, creating 7.5 million pounds of thrust--enough to put the spacecraft into orbit along with the next set of engines which would push it off to the moon.

If you mean rockets used in wars, then the rocket that would have been a precursor to the Saturn 5 would be the Nazi Vengence rockets, specifically the V2 and the not widely used V3 which I don't think actually got used before they were rendered useless due to the war ending. The V2 had the capability of reaching near space, well out of reach of fighter planes of the time which had the job of trying to shoot them down before they got too high.

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Q: What war rocket was developed into the Saturn V moon-launcher?
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What is the name of THE GERMANS special rocket developed just before World War 2?

the V2 rocket

What was the v-2rocket used for?

The v-2 rocket was the first long range rocket in the world. The rocket was developed in the second world war.

Who developed the rocket that bombed England?

Werner von Braun, who went on to lead rocket development in the USA after World War 2

Who was World War 2 scientist who developed rocket and bombs who defected to the usa after the war?

Wernher von Braun

What aircraft technology was developed during world war 2?

Airborne radar, jet aircraft and rocket aircraft.

How did V1 and V2 rocket help the Saturn V rocket to take man to the moon?

The V1 and V2 rocket technology was developed and perfected by a team of German scientists under the leadership of pioneering rocketeer Dr. Wernher von Braun. It was von Braun, considered to be the top rocket engineer of the century, who was Germany's key leader in rocket technology that led to the success of the V1 and V2 rockets. Toward the end of the war, pioneer pioneer von Braun led his team to the American lines and surrendered to the Allies, rather than face being captured by the advancing Soviets. He and his team were brought to the United States, and after a period where their records were "bleached" by U.S. intelligence of their former past, they were put to work on the U.S. rocket programs. Von Braun became NASA's leader in rocket development, which culminated in the design and success of the Saturn V rocket.

What is a V2 rocket?

The V2 rocket was a World War 2 rocket created and used by the Germans to deliver bombs onto our allies, primarily onto Antwerp and London. It also has the distinction of being the first rocket to reach sub-orbital space flight, however this was incidental to it purpose as a weapon. Wernher von Braun, was a primary designer of the V2 rocket which can be thought of as the precursor to United States space rockets. After the war Von Brawn was brought to the US where he administered the development of the Saturn V rocket which took men to the moon.

Wernher von braun why was he famaus?

He made the rockets for Germany in world war 2.And also made the rockets for N.A.S.A such as the famous Saturn 5 rocket to reach the moon.

What changes in payload have rockets had from World War II to the space age?

The V2 rocket, considered the forerunner of all space capable rockets, only had a payload capacity of 2,200 pounds. The Saturn 5 rocket that sent men to the moon had a payload capacity of 260,000 lbs.

Why was the rocket invented?

for war on terror

What was the first rocket launched during World War 2?

The first rocket launched as an attack was the V1 rocket, nicknamed "doodlebug

Who built the first rocket?

It depends: the Chinese built rockets (and fireworks) that we now usually fire into the night sky on Bonfire Night on the 5th of November each year in Britain. If the rocket in the question was the rockets that were developed in Germany during the second World War, then the V2 was probably the first rocket. It was invented by German scientists Werner Von Braun, Walter Riedel, and also Kevin Rudd. The rocket was part of a program from Nazi Germany to attack Britain during World War 2.

Is Saturn named after a god of war?

No. Click link below, then choose Saturn from menu!

Who built a rocket for war?

the first rocket was made by the Chinese. Of course this the first rocket. They used it to scare their enemies away hope this helps. =]

What war invention is an RPG?

In war, a RPG is a Rocket Propelled Grenade

Which country was first to declare war?


Where was Wernher Von Braun?

Wernher Von Braun lived in Germany and helped the Nazis during World War 2 make V-2 bombs. After the war he moved to the U.S. where he worked in NASA and his Saturn V-5 rocket helped the first men land on the moon.

Where were rockets developed?

They were supposedly invented in China around the 11th century to ward off the Mongol invaders. later on in history, a British engineer named William Congreve took to the skies with a new rocket design inspired by Tipu Sultan's Mysore rockets. These Congreve rockets utilized stabilizing fins to keep its aim true, though this came into little effect. Even farther in history, before World War II, a man named Robert Goddard invented the first rocket to use liquid-fuel propellent. During WWII, the German Army ( Die Wehrmacht ) developed a rocket called the V-2, which was designed to strike Britain from German-occupied France. The Soviet Union also developed a military rocket called the Katyusha rocket, which with proper coordination and weather conditions, could be used very effectively. Later, during the Cold War, Russia launched a satellite into space called Sputnik-1 using rocket propulsion, which prompted the United States to delve deeper into rocket technology. The United States put the first humans on the moon on July 20th, 1969 using rocket technology. Several technological innovations later, and you have the modern rocket in its various forms ( ICBM, Space shuttles, MRBM, SRBM, the list goes on ).

Who helped Great Britain in the French and Indian War?


Which saints developed what is known as the 'Just War Theory'?

Saint Augustine of Hippo and Saint Thomas Aquinas developed the "Just War Theory."

What type of rocket was the cold war space race powered by?

it was viteamtht is the answer also it is cold war to and barneyalso

In which country were the first synthetic detergents developed?

Developed after the first world war in Germany.

When was the space rocket first invented?

The first rocket reached space on October 3, 1942. It was the V2 rocket made by the Germans as a ballistic missile to deliver bombs during World War 2.

What did the rocket remind Mr Bolin of in October sky?

world war

What are four common uses for the rocket?

2 uses are for war,for space