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Leonardo of the North

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Albrecht Durer's nickname was "The Leonardo of the North."

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Q: What was Albrecht Durer's nickname?
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What is Albrecht Durers middle name?

No middle name.

What is Albrecht Durers most famous painting?

His self-portrait.

What was albrecht Durers subject matter?

Albrecht DΓΌrer's subject matter ranged from religious themes, such as Biblical scenes and portraits of saints, to classical mythology, landscapes, and animals. He was also known for his self-portraits and scientific studies, including anatomical drawings.

Which artist painted praying hands?

Albrecht Durer's painting of Praying Hands is a classic portrayal based on the hands of his friend.He did it because he and his friend shared a scholarship at an art school because they couldn't afford 2 scholarships so they diceded to share one and albrecht durers went first whilst his friend worked and when it was time for his friend to go his friends hands were badly hurt so he couldn't paint so albrecht durers painted praying hans in tribute to his friend and then on he had to look after his friend. His best friend!

What is the birth name of Albrecht Schmidt?

Albrecht Schmidt's birth name is Albrecht Elvinius Schmidt.

What is the birth name of Alex Albrecht?

Alex Albrecht's birth name is Alexander Jennings Albrecht.

What is the birth name of Carter Albrecht?

Carter Albrecht's birth name is Jeffrey Carter Albrecht.

What is the birth name of Scott Albrecht?

Scott Albrecht's birth name is Scott Daniel Albrecht.

What is the birth name of Albrecht Schuch?

Albrecht Schuch's birth name is Albrecht Abraham Schuch.

When did Balthasar Augustin Albrecht die?

Carl Theodor Albrecht died in 1915.

Who is Albrecht?

Albrecht Durer was an important Renassance Artist.

When was Richard Albrecht born?

Richard Albrecht was born in 1950.