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What was Amelia earharts job before she was famous?


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Before Amelia was famous she worked as a teacher, a social worker and a representative for Kinner Aircraft


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It should be her job, her childhood times and why she is famous.

pilot and before that i belive before that she was a nurseAmelia trained to be a nurse, later she was a teacher and a sales rep for Kinner Aircraft.

He owned a law office.

She Didn't Have A Job She Was In The Theatre Business As An Actress.

Amelia Earhart was a nurses aide, piolet, and a social worker.

Amelia did many jobs. You would have to be more specific.

Amelia had many jobs and never gave all up just to fly. At the time of her final flight she was a lecturer at Purdue, a clothing designer and an author.

her job was to fly airplanes around the world She was a volunteer nurse at a veterans' hospital during World War 1. She worked as a file clerk, office assistant, photographer, and truck driver to earn the money to buy her own plane. She was a social worker in Boston. After she married George Putnam, her job was to set new aviation records, and give lectures.

Amelia Earhart's job was flying a plane for the fun of it.She was the first women to fly over the Pacific ocean.

Amelia had many different jobs. If you mean a specific one, you have to say which.

Amelia Earharts social class was hard to determine but logically you will discover that her mother's father (a wealthy judge) was rich) and that is what her mother grew up in. Amelia's dad did not won't her mother to leave that life style so frustrated he left his job as a lawyer and went to the most paying mining job. But then stressed her father got a drinking problem and that caused him to lose money. so amelia's class switched from high to low class.

well she didn't have a job because she was only 2 yrs old

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He was a truck driver at Crown Electric.

Amelia was once a truck driver when she was looking for a more interesting job.

She worked on the farm were she lived.

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Amelia's mother did not have a job.

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she worked at subway in south illinois.

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