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First Japan in the Pacific and then Germany .

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I would say Germany. Although Japan was a big enemy.

jaguars have no natural enemy. We are major enemy. We kill them for their coats.

major and largest empire in the Americas

They do all the sorts of jobs that people do in any major developed country in the Americas.

A lot of rough mountain country, unfamiliar to the enemy.

They do all the sorts of jobs that people do in any major developed country in the Americas.


In the European theater Germany was, because Adolf Hitler was based there. Italy was also a enemy because Benito Mussolini was an ally of Hitler. In the Pacific theater Japan was the enemy because the emperor was an ally of Hitler.

Uruguay's official language is Spanish. They don't have an official language and are considered the most secular country in the Americas.

According to history apart from Americas it affected every major part. India , china, Europe were affected the most.

The major powers all entered the war with small air corps. Airplanes were used at the beginning.

Quito, Ecuador is the third oldest city in the Americas. However, it is the oldest city with continuous inhabitance. Mexico City, Santo Domingo, San Juan, Cumaná, and Veracruz are other old, major cities in the Americas.

Haiti is generally rated the poorest country in the Americas. If it enjoyed greater political stability it might be able to develop tourism as a major source of income. it's status is growing to developing country.

English, spanish, and portuguese are the major languages of the Americas by total speakers.

That depends upon who the enemy is.

thair main resourcese are people and tourism

Christopher COlumbus discovered the Americas!

Renee Belloq was the main bad guy. Others include Satipo (kid in the temple in the beginning), Major Toht (guy in black), Colonel Dietrich (face gets melted off), the Enemy Boxer (plane propeller) and a bunch of other Nazis.

Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa, Australia

major landforms in Delaware are the old cocnial time spot were britai and Americas foght for the land

one of the major rainforest's is the Amazon. It covers most of the Amazon Basin of South Americas most

America was the primary Allied country fighting the Axis countries, mainly Italian and Germany, and also Japan. The major part of America's involvement was combat and a vast supply of the normal things required by combat.

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