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Q: What was American slavery called?
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What was an American state where slavery is not allowed by law called?

An American state where slavery was not allowed by law was called a "free state." These states did not permit the practice of slavery within their boundaries, in contrast to states where slavery was legal.

What were people who were against slavery called?

During the time of the American Civil War, people who were against slavery were called 'Abolitionists'.

What was a person called who wanted to end slavery during the American Revolution?


After the American revolution most northern state constitutions called for what?

the gradual elimination of slavery

What is the name of the speech that Frederick Douglass gave about slavery?

The speech was called "The Hypocrisy of American Slavery" given July 4, 1852 at Rochester, NY

After the American revolution most northern state cinstitution called for?

the gradual elimination of slavery. (B)

What was the effect of the American Revolution on slavery?

The American Revolution did not effect slavery. It was the Civil War that had the biggest effect on slavery in the US.

What does AASS stand for American Anti Slavery Society?

American Anti Slavery Society

When was American Anti-Slavery Group created?

American Anti-Slavery Group was created in 1994.

What does abolitionist mean?

The word abolitionist means a person that was against slavery. :)

Why was slavery a cause of the American Civil War?

it wasn't about slavery

Does the American anti slavery society still exist today?

No. Slavery was outlawed in the US in 1867 and the American Anti-Slavery Society was dissolved in 1870.