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More than any of his predecessors, Jackson exercised executive authority to implement his policies and thwart the opposition. He vetoed a dozen bills, more than had all previous presidents combined, and was the first chief executive to exercise the pocket veto, by which a bill passed within 10 days (excluding Sundays) before Congress adjourns does not become law if the president does not sign it. He grew powerful in office through effective use of the spoils system, domination of the party convention, and appeals to the common people. He was a founder of the modern presidency.

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What did people like about Andrew Johnson?

There wasn't much that the American people liked about Andrew Johnson. They liked that he had military experience. He was the first president to be impeached.

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What is administration work?

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What come under administration expenses in financial statements?

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How did Andrew Jacksons policy toward Native Americans lead to the Trail of Tears?

Simply put, he ran his election on the promise that he hated "indians" and would destroy them and claim their land. People liked the idea and voted for him, and he fulfilled his promise (people like the thought of free lands, and dead 'heathens')

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