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What was Anne Franks life like before hiding?

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Anne Franks life before hiding was a normal child. She was very fond of her father and loved writing in her diary.

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Q: What was Anne Franks life like before hiding?
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Important events in Anne Franks life?

when anne got her diary when she moved into hiding on Thursday July 9, 1942

What was Anne Franks life like before the war?

she lived a middle class life before the war and had lots of friends

What is Anne Franks legacy?

she was able to write and leave behind the diary that explained what her life was like hiding in the annex during the holocaust.

How did hiding influence anne franks life?

She learned to live off of meager supplies and in small places, which ultimately prolonged her life when she became a chimney sweep.

How and why did Anne Franks life change?

She died 'cause she was a Jew in one of the camp after her family was captured by the Gestapo. her life changed due to the war as she had to go into hiding which is in her diary.

Why did the franks and others go into hiding?

Anne Frank and her family went into hiding because they were Jews and Hitler and his little posse were after all the Jews to force them into labour and kill them. many Jews went into hiding to obviously hide from those after them. The Franks became famous because Anne Frank kept a diary of her daily life during those years (1919-1923?)

What are 10 events in Anne Franks life?

ther is no anne frank

How was Anne franks life during the halocaust?


What disease claimed anne franks life?


How was Anne franks life as a kid?

miserable af

How was anne franks life life affected by war?

She was caught and died in a camp

What 's your opinion of Anne Franks life?


What was life like in anne franks camp?

bad gross

What were two of Anne Franks dreams in life?

Anne Frank's two dreams were to be an actress or a writer.

Did Anne Franks diary help people?

Anne Frank's diary helped people by telling them how an ordinary teenage girl lived her life when life was troubled by Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler was ruler of Germany and so the Frank family was forced to move into hiding...

What was one of Anne Franks weaknesses?

she couldnt hide to save her life

What was a memorable moment of Anne Franks life?

When she received kitty; her diary

How does Anne franks diary represent her?

yes it tells about her what steps she did throughout her life

What are facts about Anne Franks early life?

she wrote her own diaryshe had 1 sister

Who are the Frank family?

The Franks are famous because they were people hiding during the holocaust and Anne Frank recorded her life in hiding. Afterward, someone turned them in, and though some members of the family lived, Anne died in a Concentration/Death camp. Out of the people hiding in the annexe, only her father survived. All her helpers survived, though kleinman and kulgar were both arrested and escaped, some of her cousins in America survived

What was the most defining moment of Anne Franks life?

The most defining moment in the book of Anne Frank would have to be her getting captured.

What were some important events in Anne Franks life?

One important event was when Anne Frank got her diary on her 13th birthday.

Anne Franks diary has been translated into dozens of different languages and is read throughout the world Why has the diary had such an enormous impact?

because people are interested by her life in hiding * Also it is ONE of the best documented sources about what life was like for the Jews during the war.

What were some important things that happened in Anne Frank's life?

Well there was a lot of important things in Anne Franks life. Pretty much everything was significant but some were...When she got her diary. The day she went into hiding (the fact that she hid for 2 years), when she got arrested...etc...things like that. Just read THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK if you want more information.

How was Anne Franks young life like?

annes frank young lfe was hard and sary