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Q: What was Archduke Franz Ferdinand planning to do that was nice?
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Did franz Ferdinand die before he became emperor?

Yes. Franz Ferdinand had been the heir to the throne - next in line to be emperor - for quite a few years. He was the nephew of the old Emperor. The Emperor's son had killed himself, along with his fiancee, because the Emperor would not allow them to get married. When Franz Ferdinand was murdered the old Emperor had been on the throne sixty-four years, and everybody knew he had to die sometime soon. He did die two years later. But Franz Ferdinand was just about to get his turn, which was why he was killed. Franz Ferdinand showed signs of being a reformer, and of making concessions to ethnic minorities in the Empire. The Serbs feared that once he was on the throne he might be so conciliatory toward the ethnic Serbs in his Empire that they would lose all desire to get out of the Empire and be gloriously reunited with their kinsmen in a wonderful greater Pan Serbia. So, in effect, he was killed for being a nice guy.

Why did Gavrilo Princip and six other young men want to kill the archduke?

The Serbians had a dream of a greater Pan-Serbia, with all Serbian speaking people and the territory they lived on united under the Serbian flag. There were ethnic Serbs living in the massive neighboring Austro-Hungarian Empire, and the Serbs coveted this population and the area where they lived for Serbia. Ferdinand was Heir to the Throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The old Emperor, Franz Josef, had been on the throne fifty six years, and had to die sometime soon. Ferdinand had shown signs of being a reformer. The Serbs worried that once on the throne Ferdinand might be so conciliatory and accommodating to the ethnic Serbs in his Empire that these ethnic Serbs would loose all desire, if they had any, to be out of the Empire and to become a part of Serbia. So, in effect, Ferdinand was killed for being a nice guy.

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