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Athena the Greek goddess was a virgin goddess, she did not have a daughter named Medusa. Medusa was daughter of Keto and Phorcys or Gorgo.

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Athena's daughters name is Kay! LOL JK

Athena's shield depicts Medusa, who is a Gorgon.

Athenas father was zeus, the great god of the heaven

Athena has no siblings.

Medusa means "queen" or "guardian".

Athena's Roman name was Minerva.

Athena's sword did not have a name.

Athena was never married

Minerva was the Latin name of the Greek goddess Athena.

Medusa is one of the three Gorgons. Medusa is already her real name.

1 - Medusa is her name, not a species. She was a gorgon.

Medusa is not a Latin name; it is Greek and it's meaning is "queen" or "guardian".

The Roman counterpart to Athena is Minerva.

Romans used the name Medusa, Greeks used Medousa or Medouse: a name meaning "guardian" or "queen".

The name 'Medusa' would be appropriate for a type of cement, because Medusa, in Greek mythology, had the ability to turn people into stone if they looked her in the eyes. I suppose that stone is similar to cement, making it an appropriate name.

In book 11 of the Odyssey The Gorgon is mentioned, not the name of Medusa.

Medusa is the Latin/Roman equivalent to the Greek Medousa.

She has a different name in Rome, Minerva. She also has a title, Pallas, which is often used as her name.

Athena doesn't have a middle name. She has another name which is Minerva, her Roman name.Hope that answers your question :)

Medusa did not have a last name.

Medusa had no middle name.

medusa turned people into stone so yeah...

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