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It played both a waiting and balancing game, wanting the South's cotton, but not wanting to enter into the conflict.

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What role did Mobile Alabama play in the US Civil War?

The role of Mobile, Alabama was a significant role in the US Civil War. The city passed several resolutions even passed a resolution to succeed from the Union.

What was the role of government before and after the US Civil War?

I need to know about this question

What was the role of Jefferson Davis during the US Civil War?

Jefferson Davis was the President of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War.

Who were Britains allies at the end of the war?

i think the allies at the end of the war were Great Britain, US. and the USSR

What is worse a Iraq war or civil war?

The civil war was much worse, it was us against us. More people died in the civil war

What do US Civil War military historians believe was the proper ratio of artillery to infantry?

Most US Civil War historians believe that artillery often played a crucial role in US Civil War battles. They estimate that approximately 3 to 4 cannons per thousand of infantry was a proper and effective ratio.

What year did the us split in the Civil War?

US Civil War 1861-1865.

How long takes reconstruction last in US after civil war?

us civil war

Did the Civil War stop communism?

Which Civil War? If you mean the US Civil War, not hardly.

What does s stand for in the Civil War?

Us civil war

What role did Wisconsin play in the US Civil War?

It sent a number of troops to fight,paid taxes to help pay for the war,etc.

How many US presidents played a role in Vietnams civil war?

Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Ford.

Which war had the most deaths for US soldiers?

the civil war the civil war

Was the US Civil War really a civil war in 1861?

Yes, it actually was a civil war :P

Where there farewell dances for the US Civil War?

Yes there were farewell dances for the US civil war

What is another term for the US Civil War?

With regards to the US Civil War, many historians prefer to use the term of The War Between the States. For some historians, what is generally called the US Civil War, is not an accurate use of the term "civil war".

What was the official name of the US Civil War?

The American Civil War.

What was a nick name for the civil war in the north?

US civil war

Why was Fort Sumter so important to the US Civil War?

The Confederate capture of Fort Sumter was important to the US Civil War because it was the event that led to the US Civil War.

Which president declared the Civil War?

The US Civil War was an un-declared war.

What is the name of the us war between north and the south?

the civil war The Civil War.

Did William Carney die in the civil war?

No, the first Freed Slave US Civil War hero survived the US Civil War. He died in 1908.

1st important civil war battle?

The first important war in the US Civil War was the First Battle of Bull Run, won by the South.The assault on Fort Sumter was not a battle of the US Civil War. It was an act of rebellion that led to the US Civil War.

Name a famous war in the US?

US Civil War.

Was the US Civil War significant?

The US Civil War was indeed significant, affecting millions of people.