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boxer shorts

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Q: What was Calvin Klein first design?
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What kind of clothes does Calvin Klein design?


What design process did Calvin Klein use?

I don't know sorry!! :(

Who was first male Calvin Klein underwear model?

Tom Hintnaus was the first underwear model for Calvin Klein in 1983 and he was a sports person.

Who is CEO of Calvin Klein?

calvin klein

How did Calvin Klein die?

Calvin Klein is still alive.

Where did Calvin Klein go to school?

high school of art & design

Who created the Calvin klein logo?

Calvin Klein

What is the cheapest watch model from Calvin Klein?

One of the cheapest watch model from Calvin Klein right now is the Calvin Klein Women's Course, and Calvin Klein Men's Impulse. Most of the watches from Calvin Klein that have leather straps are cheaper then the others.

What is Calvin Klein's sexual orientation?

Calvin Klein is gay.

What is Calvin Klein birth name?

Calvin Richard Klein

When was Calvin Klein created?

Calvin Klein was created in 1968.

Who was first male Calvin Klein model?

The first Calvin Klein male model is known as Tom Hintnaus. He was an Olympic pole vaulter, and his first advertisement was popularized in 1983.

Is anne klein related to Calvin Klein?

According to other sources, Anne Klein is in fact, not related to Calvin Klein. Contrary to popular belief, Anne Klein is not, Calvin's daughter. Calvin is in fact younger then the deceased Anne. Anne died in '74 of breast cancer. Calvin is still alive.

Is Calvin Klein a cologne?

There are several types of cologne marketed under the Calvin Klein label, but Calvin Klein is actually a person rather than a thing. Calvin Klein designs fashion for men and women.

Who founded Calvin Klein?

Calvin Klein was founded in 1968 by Calvin Klein Hope this helped! xoxox

Is Calvin Klein alive?

Yes, Calvin Klein is still alive.

Is Jason klein related to Calvin Klein?

Yes, Yes he is. Son of Ronald Klein, who is son of Calvin

When was Calvin Klein born?

Calvin Klein was born on November 19, 1942.

What is Calvin Klein signature fabric?

What material fibres does Calvin Klein use?

What has Calvin Klein designed?

Calvin klein has designed clothes and dresses and fragrances.

What is Calvin Klein's birthday?

Calvin Klein was born on November 19, 1942.

Where can a person purchase Calvin Klein women's apparel?

The official website of Calvin Klein is a good place to buy any Calvin Klein apparel. Another option for buying women's apparel from Calvin Klein is to check a clothing store, such as Marshalls.

What is the best store to find a good selection of Calvin Klein clothes?

Belk always has a great selection of Calvin Klein clothes. I have also been to a few Calvin Klein outlets that carry nothing but Calvin Klein, and usually and great discounts!

Calvin Klein Beauty in Kuwait please?

Calvin Klein in Kuwait +965 5717502

Did Calvin klein have a horse?

Yes. His name is Luscious, but is no longer owned by Calvin Klein.