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It is refered to as The Constitution Act of 1867 or the British North America Act of 1867. Either is acceptable.

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Q: What was Canada's first constitution called?
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What was America's first constitution called?

America's first constitution was the Articles of Confederation.

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What was Arkansas first constitution called?

The first constitution of the State of Arkansas is the "Arkansas Constitution of 1836".

What are the first amendments to the Constitution to the Constitution called?

The Bill of Rights

What is the first paragraph on the constitution called?

The preamble to the constitution.

What is the first section of the constitution?

The first section of the U.S. Constitution is called the Preamble. It is a statement that declares the purpose of the Constitution.

What is the date of Canadas national holiday which is called Canada Day?

July 1

What was the first constitution in the colonies called?

the first written constitution was in the first colonies was the may flower compact.

What was ours country's first constitution called?

The Articles of Confederation was the United States' first constitution.

What is the name of the first pharagraph of the Constitution?

The first paragraph of the constitution is called the Preamble. The US Constitution preamble is the brief introduction of the purpose and principles of the constitution.

What was the countries first constitution called?

The United States' first constitution was called the Articles of Confederation. It was also formally called the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union.

What is Section 91 and 92 of Canadas Constitution?

Those sections outline the specific duties of the Parliament and the Provincial governments in creating and enforcing law