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What was Chronos God of?

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Chronos or Kronos is basically the god of time. In Greek mythology he was the father of the famous Greek gods, but he ate all of them until Zeus because his mother, Rhea, hid him. Zeus then challenged him and made Kronos vomit all his siblings.

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What is Chronos the god of?

Chronos is the god of time, in Greek mythology.

Who was the god of time?


Is there a god of time?

The Greek god of time was Chronos .

What is the definition of chron?

chron came from the Greek word chronos which means time... it is also based on the name of a Greek god named chronos, the god of time...

Did the Greeks believe in a god of time?

Yes, Chronos.

Who is the greek god of times?

Kronos (/Cronos/Chronos) the titan was Time but there was no god of time.

Who is chronos?

In Greek mythology, Chronos is the God of Time, usually depicted as an old, wise man with a long, gray beard, such as "Father Time".

What is the mythological meaning of chronic?

The word chronic refers to the Greek god Chronos, the god of time.

How did chronos become a god of time?

Chronos, literally translated means days. I think that he became known as the god of time or eternal time because it was believed that he created the universe - earth, sky and sea.

Who was the greek god of time?

Kronos is often misconstrued as the Lord of Time. Chronos is the real deity representing time, but as the mythology was passed down Kronos and Chronos became confused. Kronos is a Titan and Chronos is a deity like the Fates.

Is Chronos the first greek god?

Yes and No.No, Cronus was a Titan. He was the father of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades as well as Hera, Hestia and Demeter Yes, Chronos was the personification of Time and Order.

How do you activate chronos rage in god of war ps2?

Hold the r2 button on your remote.

What is Cronus the god of?

The harvest, nature and agriculture; similar to the Roman Saturn. He should not be confused with Chronos, the personification (not god) of time.

What is the name of the god of time?

Greek - Chronos Roman - Saturn Egytpian - Thoth Celtic - Dagda

The Greek root chron means?

Smth related to TIME (the Greek God of Time - Chronos).

Who is titans chronos father?

Uranus is the father of Chronos.

What is the meaning of the greek root chronos?

Chronos is the greek titan who gave birth to the gods of the greek religion. After his partner, Rea (Ρέα in greek), gave birth to the gods, Chronos would consume them in fear that they would overthrow him. Zues, the youngest of the gods, was hidden from Chronos on an island where he was kept hidden by numerous mythical creatures until he was powerful enough to defeat Chronos. Zues freed his fellow gods by cutting open the stomach of Chronos. Together, the gods defeated Chronos and cut him into many pieces where they are kept separated for it is said if the pieces were to come together he would be too powerful to defeat. ********* Is it Cronos or chronos? For Cronos (Κρόνος in greek, the equivalent god of the roman Saturnus) see the answer above, but if it is chronos (Xρόνος in greek/prounanciation=khronos) then the meaning is "time".

In greek mythology who is the first God?

chronos is the first god of greek mythology.. :) not Zeus. dont give wrong answers if you are not sure friends....

How did Aphrodite became a goddess?

She was born of the drop of blood from Chronos or Uranus. So technically, she was the daughter of a god.

What is the meaning of chronus?

Chronos was imagined as a god, snake-like in form, with three heads, and was the personfication of time.

What is a sentence using the word chronos?

chronos means suck my dick

What is the duration of Chronos film?

The duration of Chronos - film - is 2520.0 seconds.

How did Aphrodite get her powers?

Aphrodite was supposedly born from the foam of the sea. This happened because Chronos cut off uranus' testicles and chronos threw them into the sea. So Aphrodite gained her powers from her father, uranus, the god of love.

Who was chronos in greek mythology?

Chronos is a Titan. He was the father of Zeus Poseidon and Hades .

When was Chronos - comics - created?

Chronos - comics - was created in 2007.